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Body Plastic Surgery Treatments for the Look You Want

Plastic surgeon John Q. Cook of Chicago has extensive experience in advanced techniques of body contour. He was one of the first doctors in Chicago to work with ultrasonic liposuction, which provides distinct advantages over traditional techniques in certain zones of the body. Dr. Cook is also very experienced with the high lateral tension abdominoplasty technique, an advanced method, which has dramatically improved the power of this operation. Body contour surgery is one area where a surgeon’s judgment and sense of artistic proportions is critical. Dr. Cook has the experience, skill and aesthetic abilities to achieve high quality results for his patients.  Dr. Cook has a wide range of techniques at his disposal, so that he can provide patients with individualized results. After an evaluation, he will recommend the proper operation for you.

Balanced and Harmonious Sculpting of The Human Form

Body contour surgery should have as its goal a balanced and harmonious sculpting of the human form. Dr. Cook has devoted his clinical energy to this area out of a desire to offer a more nuanced and sophisticated approach to body contour surgery. “We are in the middle of a significant period of technical refinement with body contour surgery,” says Dr. Cook. “This has allowed us to move beyond simple considerations of removing excess fat and skin so that we can focus on more important issues of three dimensional contour and form. What you need is a good eye, a sense of artistic balance, and the judgment that only comes from extensive experience.”

There have been significant technical advances in the techniques of liposuction in recent years, but Dr. Cook does not abandon classical technique without good reason. For most patients, Dr. Cook uses a blended technique which employs powerful new technologies like ultrasonic liposuction in appropriate zones and a classical fine cannula technique in other regions of the body.

We are committed to offering our patients long-term value, not just a quick fix. In this spirit we will individually evaluate each patient to make sure that the procedure offers a fair value for the time and expense that the patient commits to it.

We carefully evaluate the skin tone of each patient who comes to us for body contour surgery. If the skin has been excessively stretched by weight cycles, pregnancy, or forces associated with the aging process, liposuction alone will leave the patient disappointed.  For such a patient the best choice is either to have no surgery or to consider one of the more advanced techniques of excisional body contour surgery which Dr. Cook offers. Dr. Cook has extensive experience with a technique of body contour surgery known as the high lateral tension abdominoplasty. “I have found that this technique increases the power of the correction that I can offer my patients when I compare it to the techniques I previously used,” says Dr. Cook.  “The technique allows me to more aggressively combine liposuction with excisional surgery and to extend the benefits of rejuvenation to the upper thigh.”

Service is a core value of our practice. In this spirit we will carefully evaluate not just the shape of your body but the shape of your life. If basic habits such as diet and exercise are not under control you will be disappointed by the results long-term no matter how skilled your surgeon.  “I am always delighted when I can motivate a patient to adopt healthy habits, such as a good exercise program,” says Dr. Cook.  Patients who follow our advice often will condition their bodies to a point where the surgery will now become more a process of pure sculpture and offer a much more powerful result.

Artistic judgment is an important component of body contour surgery and you should use this as a key criteria in selecting your surgeon.

Because body contour surgery is so much a master of skill, nuance and judgment, it concerns Dr. Cook that in recent years we have seen an increase in the number of poorly qualified practitioners performing this surgery. There now exists weekend courses where individuals with very little surgical training can obtain a certificate stating that they are qualified to perform liposuction surgery. It is simple to pick up a cannula but not simple to deliver an excellent result. “I use the violin analogy to explain this to my patients,” says Dr. Cook.  “I could hand anyone a violin and a bow and they could immediately get some sort of noise out of the instrument, but would that be music?  It takes many years of dedicated efforts to where you can perform a Beethoven string quartet.”

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Dr. Cook is recognized for the depth of his experience, innovative techniques, and naturalistic approach. At his Gold Coast and North Shore centers, he approaches each patient with a respect for the individual’s unique natural identity. For more information on any of our procedures, or to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon, please contact Whole Beauty® Institute.

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