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Although 2017 is already upon us, it’s never too late to make resolutions. If you have concerns about your appearance, you may want to consider the different ways you can enhance the way you look.

In some circumstances as a person ages, he or she could lose confidence as extra fullness and loose skin begin to appear around different parts of the body. Many of the patients at Whole Beauty® have a desire to make improvements to their body contour, but are unsure where to start.

Looking and feeling younger is not only about receiving plastic surgery (although it helps). Rather, you might consider lifestyle changes you can make that will improve your physique. If 2017 is the year of you, then it’s time to become resolution ready!

Live Well with Diet and Exercise

Live Well with Diet and ExerciseYou’ll often hear that exercise is ineffective unless you change your eating habits as well. Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand and being mindful about what you consume, and how often you move, will help get your body into shape.

You can start by keeping track of what you eat on a daily basis. Are you eating balanced meals and incorporating various food groups into your diet? Are you consuming empty calories in the form of junk food or sweetened beverages? Being mindful of the foods you eat and your portion sizes will help you slim down and feel more energized.

Coupling your new diet with regular exercise will enhance your body contour as well. Even if you start small by walking around your neighborhood or doing jumping jacks at home, you’re still enabling your body to burn calories and digest food faster. You will also set up a virtuous cycle. As you get over the initial resistance to exercise, you will experience positive changes in how you look and feel. This will motivate you to reach the next level. Soon, you can begin working up to more rigorous exercises that will help you see a significant improvement to your body. Joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer can keep you motivated as you continue to get into shape.

Body Contour Procedures at The Whole Beauty® Institute

Diet and exercise aren’t the only body contouring options that you have available. Although it’s important for you to start with a consistent diet and regular exercise, you may have trouble reaching your personal goals on your own. Stubborn fatty deposits around the abdomen, hips, and waist often resist your diet and exercise efforts and remain on the body.

When diet and exercise aren’t giving you the results you’re looking for, then further enhancement with body contouring procedures may be able to help. At the Whole Beauty® Institute, Dr. John Q. Cook offers several surgical options that can help you get the results you’re looking for.

Tummy tuck

Body Contouring: Tummy TuckThe tummy tuck (medically known as abdominoplasty) focuses on excess abdominal skin, weakness of the deep abdominal support, and excess fat around the waist to achieve a more proportional appearance. After weight loss or childbirth, the skin around the abdomen can lose its tone, and regardless of how frequently you exercise, excess skin will rarely regain its elasticity. Patients undergo abdominoplasty to restore a toned appearance, which renews self-confidence. Women who undergo abdominoplasty often combine this with surgery to improve the form and balance of the breasts, which some people refer to as a “mommy makeover.”

Laser liposuction

Body Contouring: Laser LiposuctionLaser liposuction removes excess fat from various regions of the body using laser energy. Typically, men will target their abdomen, waist, and chest while women find laser liposuction useful around their flanks, hips, thighs, abdomen and knees. Laser liposuction is also one of the most successful methods on areas of fat around the arms and neck. At the Whole Beauty® Institute most of our laser liposuction procedures can be done under local anesthesia in the comfort and privacy of our Chicago and Winnetka offices.

Patients choose laser liposuction because the energy works specifically to destroy fat cells and, if performed with diligence, tightens the tissues it touches. Other liposuction techniques, including classical liposuction and Vaser® ultrasonic liposuction are available at The Whole Beauty® Institute, and Dr. Cook can determine which version of treatment is right for you.


Body Contouring: CellulazeAlthough many patients believe that removing cellulite is impossible, the FDA has approved the first treatment designed for cellulite removal. Cellulaze® reduces cellulite along several regions of the body, including the thighs and buttocks, and because it is a minimally invasive procedure, patients often find that they can return to normal activity in just a few days.

The treatment works by using laser energy to melt the raised areas of cellulite. To ensure your comfort, Dr. Cook prescribes oral sedation that will make you calm and drowsy during the procedure. Cellulaze® is a fantastic option for the many women who suffer from cellulite, reducing its appearance to help restore self-confidence. It works best in people who have good skin tone.

SculpSure® and BodyTite®

Body Contouring: SculpSureThe Whole Beauty® Institute was selected as the first practice in the Midwest to utilize SculpSure®, and advanced technology for non-invasive body contour. Patients come to our practice to receive 25-minute treatments of laser energy, which reduces excess fat in problem areas. Patients return to normal activity immediately after treatment. Although the results are not as powerful as laser liposuction, the convenience is a major factor. SculpSure® works best in people who are in good shape and have relatively discrete fat deposits.

BodyTite® utilizes radiofrequency energy to melt fat and tighten skin. This technology has been available in Europe and Canada for several years and recently was approved by the FDA for use in the United States. The game changer here is the impressive degree of skin tightening that can be accomplished with this device.

We Will Help You Find The Right Treatment

Dr. Cook can help you determine which procedures are right for you during an in-depth and comprehensive consultation where you can discuss the cosmetic concerns you have about your body along with your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Cook will examine the regions you are looking to improve and design a treatment plan that addresses the curves of your body in an artistic way. In other words, your procedure will be tailored to you specifically, giving you the ultimate personal rejuvenation.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle Everyday

Even if you undergo body contour surgery or treatments, it’s important to practice a healthy way of life every day. If you don’t maintain healthy habits, the beautiful result of the surgery will diminish over time.

It can be difficult to make changes to the way you eat and the amount you exercise, but with persistence and motivation, you can turn your body into something that makes you proud. Body contour procedures at The Whole Beauty® Institute can put the finishing touches on the beautiful form that you desire.

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