Whole Beauty® Institute


The line of Whole Beauty® Skincare Products is an important part of our efforts to provide our patients with optimum skin care. We have formulated a line of products that can provide significant improvement in skin quality yet require less than two minutes of your time at the beginning and end of the day. These products help to prepare the skin of our patients undergoing facial rejuvenation surgery and to amplify the benefits of the surgery once it is completed. They also integrate with the advanced medical aesthetic treatments that we provide in our Chicago and Winnetka centers. The products also function well as “stand alone” therapy.

When I developed the Whole Beauty® line I kept a set of guiding principles in mind. These principles came from my analysis of the limitations of existing medical grade products on the market but also from years of listening to my patients. Just as in surgery, I have found that my patients guide me to the best solutions.

Here are the principles behind the Whole Beauty® approach to medical-grade skin care:


    • Each component of the skin care system is individualized to the patient’s skin character. My team carefully evaluates each patient so that the proper treatment mix is obtained.


    • Many patients will find that their skin changes with the seasons, hormonal environment, and other factors. Also as the skin becomes used to certain ingredients, the concentration of those ingredients can be increased. Our skin care system changes as you do.


    • So many medical lines leave patients red and irritated. “No pain, no gain,” is not necessary with medical skin care. In fact, irritation is one of the reasons why patients discontinue skin therapy.


    • We provide an integrated suite of skin care products, so that the products do not inadvertently sabotage each other’s actions. This is frequently a problem when people mix products from several manufacturers. Our products are formulated so that they enhance each other’s effectiveness.


    • Our products are designed to work well with the advanced treatments in our office, which include enhanced oxygen facials, enhanced IPL, medical grade peels, fractional skin resurfacing, and other therapies.


    • Time is a precious commodity. We have simplified the timing and application of our products, so their benefits can be obtained with just 2 minutes at the beginning and end of the day.


    This is in keeping with the emphasis on quality in my entire practice.

Visit the Whole Beauty® Institute website for a detailed discussion of our skin care philosophy. Contact our practice to set up an appointment for an evaluation with one of our team, who will design an individualized skin care program.