Recovery from SculpSure and Other Non-Surgical Fat-Reduction Procedures

9 Things To Do

Non-invasive fat reduction is one of the fastest growing areas in medical aesthetics. After many years of disappointment, there are several technologies that can reduce fat in problem areas of the body in a reasonably predictable ways. Although the results are not as powerful as what can be achieved with SmartLipo, SlimLipo, Vaser, and other techniques of surgical liposuction, patients are attracted to an in-office treatment that is relatively quick and offers little downtime.

CoolSculpting and Liposonix have been available for several years. SculpSure is a newer technology that employs laser energy to permanently reduced fat. The Whole Beauty® Institute was selected to be the first center in the Midwest to use this method of non-surgical fat reduction. We were attracted by several advantages of this treatment, including short treatment time, and the avoidance of complications which may occur with other treatment methods.

Here are the recommendations that we make for our patients who undergo SculpSure treatments at the Whole Beauty® Institute:

1. Resume Normal Activity As Soon As Your Treatment Is Completed

This is a major advantage to SculpSure, when compared to surgical liposuction. You can resume your usual exercise routine as soon as your treatment is completed.

At the Whole Beauty® Institute we make extensive use of laser liposuction under local anesthesia. We have consistently reduced the time necessary for the avoidance of heavy exercise and the use of compression garments from the traditional 6 weeks with other forms of liposuction to a much more reasonable 2 1/2 to 3 weeks.

Although this is a great accomplishment, many of our patients do not want to disrupt their exercise routines for even this reduced amount of time. Exercise is a very important part of their lives, and even a week away feels like a month.

With SculpSure many patients experience a sensation of firmness and discomfort in the treated areas for a few days. Some hold off on exercise for a short period of time, but others work through the minor discomfort. The important point to make is that exercise will not harm the results from your treatment.

2. Take Mild Analgesics if You Need Them

Most of our patients who undergo treatment with SculpSure do not require even mild pain relief medication. Some will take tylenol for 24 to 48 hours to lessen their discomfort. Even in these patients, the discomfort is not enough to disrupt their daily pattern of activity.

3. Drink Extra Fluids for the First 24 Hours

The laser energy in a SculpSure treatment damages the cell membrane of a zone of fat cells to the point where they are unable to survive. This damage causes swelling. To compensate for this you should drink extra fluids for the first 24 hours after treatment.

4. Cool Down After Treatment

Many patients like the feeling of ice pack on the treated area once the SculpSure session is completed. Our staff will provide guidance if you would like to continue this at home.

5. Expect Mild Firmness and Tenderness in the Treated Area

This is a sign that your SculpSure treatment will work well. It is related to the injury experienced by the fat cells. The swelling and tenderness will go away after a few days.

6. Keep Up With or Improve Your Pattern of Exercise

One of the advantages of non-surgical fat reduction is that you do not need to diminish your pattern of exercise before or after treatment. Exercise is the closest thing we have to the “fountain of youth.” Our goal at the Whole Beauty® Institute is increase your motivation for health and fitness with all of your treatments. If you have slipped a little in your pattern of exercise, make your SculpSure treatment Day 1 of an enhanced program of fitness and nutrition. The improvement in your body form that results from SculpSure will set up a positive feed-back cycle.

7. Maintain and Enhance Healthy Nutrition

We recommend that your pattern of nutrition after SculpSure includes foods rich in antioxidants, such as blueberries, raspberries, and colored vegetables. These are the same foods that we recommend for our surgical patients, as they aid in healing and recovery.If your diet to date has not included a significant amount of anti-oxidants this is a great time to make them a permanent part of your nutrition. Consumption of a Mediterranean diet is linked to longevity. A variation of the Mediterranean Diet, the Mind Diet, has been shown to maintain mental clarity and slow the onset of dementia in old age. The longer you follow a pattern of healthy nutrition, the greater the benefit.

8. Be Patient

The results from Sculpsure therapy begin to show 4 to 6 weeks after treatment and reach their peak at 12 weeks. The good news is that this is a permanent reduction of fat cells, so if you make the proper investment in good nutrition and exercise the benefits of your treatments should last for many years.

9. Be Realistic

The best results from a single SculpSure treatment occur in individuals who are relatively trim and who have good skin tone. The further you are from this ideal, the less powerful your results will be.

A single treatment with SculpSure will not achieve what we can accomplish with laser liposuction or other surgical treatment methods.

For patients who want to maximize their results, but who do not want to consider even a surgical procedure under local anesthesia, we can often design a program that allows for more than one treatment with SculpSure or that combines SculpSure with other non-surgical treatment methods.

The Whole Beauty® Advantage with Sculpture

At the Whole Beauty® Institute we have over twenty years of experience in body contour treatments. With our foundation in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we know what can and cannot be accomplished with every treatment method, from abdominoplasty, to laser liposuction, to non-surgical treatments such as SculpSure.

This allows us to serve as educators for our patients. We recommend treatment only when we think it will offer significant value.

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