How is the SculpSure treatment done?

At the Whole Beauty® Institute you will lie down comfortably in our treatment spa room. No anesthetic or gel pads will be needed during treatment with SculpSure. The SculpSure system comes with four framed plates that are belted around the abdomen in individualized configurations to treat the desired areas. You will discuss the focus of treatment and placement of the SculpSure applicators during your consultation.

Once these four framed plates are secured around the belly and flanks, they are tightened, allowing the fatty areas to protrude out from the hollow center of the plates. The four SculpSure laser applicators are then clipped into these plates firmly. Dr. Cook or one of our experienced medical aestheticians will turn on the device, and an immediate warming sensation radiates from the applicators as controlled light energy is delivered to the adipose layers just beneath the skin. Patients often feel warming and cooling sensations in alternating waves as SculpSure works on fat cells.

If you have zones of fat that exceed the area covered by four applicators you have two choices. One option is to concentrate on the area that is your highest priority, then return on another day for treatment of the other areas. Another option is to schedule an extended treatment session, in which we carry out treatment of several zones in sequence. Many patients like this second option.

How does SculpSure melt fat cells?

SculpSure MOA StillFat cells are targeted with pulsed light energy that raises the temperature of the fat cells to between 42-47 degrees Celsius at 1060nm wavelength. This temperature and energy wavelength is optimal for melting fat and damaging the cellular wall surrounding fat cells, causing them to burst. The treatment itself takes about 25 minutes. Most patients see results in 4-6 weeks, with maximum results at 12 weeks.

The damaged fat cells are cleared by macrophages, scavenger cells that are part of the body’s natural repair mechanism. The fatty debris is ultimately sent to the digestive system and is eliminated from the body.

How many treatments are required to see results with SculpSure?

Depending on the amount of fat you have in the abdomen and flanks, treatments will vary between one and three sessions for each 4-frame zone. At the time of your consultation with our team, we will assess the amount of fat that needs to be reduced in order to sculpt the area to your desired look. Treatments are individualized for every patient who comes to us for non-surgical fat reduction. Depending on your body type and the amount of fat in the area to be treated, we will determine a custom treatment plan for you. You may fall into the category of patients that only requires one treatment session, since every patient responds differently.

Results and Recovery

SculpSure Before and After 6 Weeks Post-TreatmentRecovery from a SculpSure treatment is surprisingly easy. You can immediately return to your normal pattern of exercise and activity. Some patients experience a sense of firmness and mild tenderness in the treated area that lasts a few days. To date, none of our patients have experienced the prolonged nerve irritation that may occur with other methods of non-invasive fat reduction. It is not necessary for our patients to wear a support garment after treatment.

We have found a high level of satisfaction in the patients we have treated with SculpSure. Part of our success comes from the fact that we view ourselves as educators for our patients. We emphasize that the results are significant, but not as powerful as what we can achieve with liposuction. That said, the consistency of results with virtually no downtime make SculpSure very attractive to our patients.

Call Whole Beauty Institute to set up schedule your complimentary SculpSure consultation with Dr. Cook today at 312-751-2112. You’ll love the way your jeans clothes fit after this treatment.