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Grand Unveiling of the Website

We are proud to announce the unveiling of the website. The product of over a year’s work, this website provides detailed information about all aspects of Dr. Cook’s work in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery.

Detailed Information Backed by Over 20 Years of Experience

Over the years patients have remarked to us that it is difficult to find detailed information about plastic surgery of the breast on the internet. There is a massive amount of information about breast surgery, but it tends to be relatively superficial.

Dr. John Q. Cook has kept track of the questions that patients ask him about breast surgery and assembled this into a comprehensive overview of the major breast operations.

Our goal is to provide information that will be useful to any patient who is seeking consultation about breast surgery or who wants to prepare herself for surgery.

Demystifying the Breast Surgery Experience

Dr. Cook and the entire team of the Whole Beauty® Institute are convinced that the best patient is an educated patient. In the website we cover the wide range of surgical strategies that are available to our patients who are interested in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast.

The website features up-to-date information about recent developments that have led to improved outcomes in breast surgery, including the use of form stable implant and fat transfer.

We also cover the structural techniques of breast surgery, which have been a major focus of Dr. Cook’s efforts in the field of breast lift and breast reduction.