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Whole Beauty® Neck Renew Provides Targeted Therapy for Your Neck

At the Whole Beauty® Institute we offer our patients a product that is designed for the special needs of your neck. Our Neck Renew product is formulated with a combination of peptides, vitamin A derivatives, and antioxidants that offer synergistic neck rejuvenation.

With time this product will improve the tone and texture of the neck and diminish surface redness. Neck Renew also fits in well with the treatments for the neck that we offer at the Whole Beauty® Institute.

The Neck Has Been Unfairly Ignored

poolsideMany people who regularly apply sunscreen to the face often neglect the neck. They forget that the neck can suffer significant sun damage during day-to-day activity. People who drive regularly or who enjoy swimming, boating, or other water sports experience a large amount of sun damage to the neck.

The problem is compounded by the general lack of attention to the neck in the medical aesthetics industry. Very often the neck is ignored when a plan is designed to rejuvenate the face. This is unfortunate, since the neck has very specific needs.

The combined effect of inadequate neck protection form the sun and inadequate treatment can produce a significant difference between the quality of the skin of the face and neck, especially if that person has been taking good care of the facial skin.

neck renew skincare product | Whole Beauty Institute

Neck Renew available at the Whole Beauty® Institute

Neck Renew Offers Targeted Therapy for The Skin of The Neck

The ingredients of our Whole Beauty® Neck Renew have been carefully selected to address common problems of the neck skin that has been damaged by sun, stress, and general neglect. Peptides are helpful molecules that stimulate collagen synthesis and expand the thickness of the skin. Antioxidants help to remove oxidative stress and diminish redness. A special vitamin A derivative that is well-tolerated by neck skin helps to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanism.

Peptides Send Healthy Messages to Your Skin

Amino acids are the building blocks of all living creatures. Shorter chains of different amino acids are called peptides, while longer chains are proteins, which form the structure of the body and empower the intricate mechanism of life.

The peptides found in Neck Renew send messages to the skin’s repair center that cause increased formation of collagen and elastin, both of which are essential to young healthy skin. Scientific studies LINK PUBMED REF have shown significant wrinkle reduction when specific peptides are applied to the skin.

A Retinoid That Is Well-Suited to The Neck’s Delicate Skin

For several decades we have known that vitamin A derivatives known as retinoids are beneficial to the skin. Retinoids have several desirable effects, such as reducing wrinkles, improving skin pigment quality, and enhancing skin tone. These good changes take time to develop. Unfortunately many patients stop using retinoids after a few weeks because certain types of retinoids tend to irritate the skin. The neck skin is particularly sensitive, so it has been difficult to find the right retinoid to the neck.

Whole Beauty® Neck Renew contains the retinoid hydroxypinacolone retinoate, which is much less irritating to the delicate neck skin that most other types of retinoids.

Antioxidants and Other Ingredients Calm and Soothe The Neck Skin

A carefully selected portfolio of antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients such as green tea extract, glycosaminoglycans, sodium hyaluronate, and evodia rutaecarpa fruit extract help to improve the quality of neck skin and reduce redness.

Benefits of Whole Beauty® Neck Renew

Our Whole Beauty® Neck Renew has received an enthusiastic response from patients who have used it. They have noticed improved tone and texture to the neck skin, better skin hydration, diminished wrinkles and a reduction in redness.

We can combine Neck Renew with a combination of in-office treatments to further enhance the quality of your neck.

Neck Renew is great as a stand-alone product. It is even better when it is combined with other treatments that we offer at the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka.

Neck Renew is excellent preparation for treatment with Fractora®, which reduces fine lines, Forma® which tightens neck skin, and IPL, which reduces brown and red spots. Neck Renew also speeds the healing process after custom neck peels.

At the Whole Beauty® Institute our entire team is committed to searching out the best products and combinations of therapy to optimize results for our patients. We also have a realistic appreciation of the limits of our non-surgical therapies, so that we can advise you if a surgical approach, such as a neck lift, is a better choice for you.

We Can Help You Determine The Best Treatment for Your Neck with an In-Depth Consultation

Our team of clinicians will help you to determine an optimal strategy for the rejuvenation of you neck, face, and body. Contact us to schedule your consultation or call 312-751-2112.