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Moxi™ is perfect for rejuvenating skin that has early signs of aging. This laser therapy can be used on all skin types year-round! Improve pigment, tone, and texture with virtually no downtime. Moxi™ also is great for maintenance after a variety of skin treatments such as HALO. Use promo code: NEWYOU

Reduce fat, tighten skin, and tone muscles in a series of treatments with Evolve. Works well in the waist area, legs, and arms. Produces a sleeker, better-toned appearance. If you are reasonably fit, Evolve may be your answer for those problem areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise. Available in the Winnetka office only. Use promo code: NEWYOU

Promotion based on treatment packages, excludes single or maintenance treatments. Payment due in full at the time of treatment. Can pre-pay to use at a later date. New patients must receive Illinois mandated medical evaluation before treatment. Non-transferable. Cannot be combined with other promotions.