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Customizable Hands-Free Body Contouring & Skin Tightening





John Q. Cook, M.D.

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Evolve – Next Generation Non-Surgical Fat Reduction, Skin Tightening, and Body Toning

Achieve predictable results in fat reduction with Evolve Trim, skin tightening with Evolve Tite, and muscle toning with Evolve Tone.

Are you frustrated by the current options for non-surgical skin tightening and fat reduction?

Maybe you have heard that the current choices to reduce unwanted fat without surgery aren’t living up to their promise. Perhaps you have had a friend who went through these treatments and didn’t really see much of a difference. Even worse, maybe these friends have been left with looser skin, areas of discomfort, or even an unexpected growth of fat in the treated area.

You are waiting for a better option.

Part of the problem with the current technologies is that sometimes they are used indiscriminately in people who didn’t have much of a chance for success in the first place. If you are overweight none of the existing technologies are going to work well. This includes Evolve. They work best in people who are already in reasonably good shape but who have discrete areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise.

Another problem is that when patients aren’t properly selected, existing treatments may reduce fat but leave skin loose. This is often a bad trade.

What if there was a technology that not only reduced fat, but tightened skin, and toned your deeper tissues all in a series of comfortable, no-downtime sessions? With Evolve there is now such an option.

 We can serve as a Trusted Guide: The Advantage of a Comprehensive Evaluation at the Whole Beauty Institute

Our centers in Chicago and Winnetka are directed by Dr. John Q. Cook, a recognized leader in the field of plastic surgery and medical aesthetics. Our goal has always been to offer our patients a comprehensive range of options. We provide you with an individualized evaluation. In some cases, surgery, often under local anesthesia, is the only option that will provide you with a meaningful result. Perhaps that makes sense for you; if not, we won’t steer you into a lesser treatment that has little chance of success.

We can recognize the patients who have a high probability of success with each of the treatments that we offer. This is true, whether the choice is surgery that requires skin removal, such as abdominoplasty, in office local anesthesia liposuction and skin tightening with laser lipoplasty and BodyTite, or hands-free fat reduction and skin tightening with Evolve.

Evolve is based on Proven Technology

For over half a decade we have used radiofrequency-based technology to provide tightening of skin and fat reduction in our patients. Forma involves a massage with a device that heats the skin to a level that will cause tightening. Body FX also provides some tightening, but its main role is to break apart unwanted areas of fat with radio-frequency energy.

We have found that with proper patient selection, these devices work quite well. There are two limitations. First, only a relatively small area can be treated. Second, it is physically demanding on the person performing the treatment.

What if these useful technologies could be incorporated into a series of small applicators, held in place by a belt? This would allow for treatment of a larger area and free the clinician from the physical demands of treatment. This is exactly what Evolve achieves.

Evolve Tite allows us to deliver the skin-tightening energy of Forma to larger areas of the body.

Evolve Trim provides a series of Body FX applicators to reduce fat and tighten skin in a larger zone that could be achieved with the original BodyFX handpiece.

Evolve Tone involves electromagnetic energy that tightens the deeper areas of the body.

You can select just one aspect of the Evolve trio or combine several different treatments. It all depends on your goals.

The Whole Beauty® Team: Chicago’s leaders in Energy-based therapy

Dr. Cook offers his patients over 2 decades of experience in advanced energy-based technologies that improve the skin and contour the body. Our patients and our clinical team benefit from his experience and depth of knowledge.

We were the first practice in the Midwest to offer BodyTite, an advanced, minimally invasive type of liposuction performed under local anesthesia. BodyTite allows us to reduce fat and tighten skin without scars in patients who are good candidates. We have achieved a high level of success with this treatment.

We were selected to be the second practice in the country to have Evolve.

Evolve Trim
Reduce unwanted Fat without Surgery

What is Evolve Trim?

Evolve Trim utilizes the proven technology of Body FX to reduce unwanted fat and cellulite.

How Does Evolve Trim Work?

Six Body FX devices on belts are held in place on the skin over areas of excess fat. The individual applicators can be placed in different patterns to achieve the maximum benefit for each patient.

Each device creates a vacuum that allows for uniform application of energy to the skin and underlying fat. This produces tightening. A special pulse of energy breaks the fat cells in the area of treatment.

The combination of toning and fat reduction is unique in the field of non-surgical fat reduction.

How many treatments do I need?

Best Results are achieved with a series of 6 treatments. Some patients choose to combine Trim with Tite to achieve even greater skin tightening.

Who is a candidate for Evolve Trim?

Useful as this technology may be, it is not the answer for someone who is overweight. Trim works best on people who have good habits of nutrition and exercise, but who are left with discrete areas of resistant fat. These areas may occur in the abdomen, around the waist, in the inner and outer thighs and the arms. Trim can also help reduce the appearance of moderate degrees of cellulite in patients with reasonably good skin tone. Evolve Trim works well on all skin types.

Evolve Tite
Tighten Skin without Surgery

What is Evolve Tite?

Evolve Tite uses the proven technology of Forma radiofrequency energy to tighten loose skin in a series of office visits. There is no downtime. Our team has worked with Forma for over 5 years. Tite takes this useful technology to new levels by allowing us to use an number of applicators in arrays that suit your body to tighten much larger areas of skin.

How does Evolve Tite work?

We can set up to 8 applicators into a pattern that fits the specific area that needs tightening. These applicators deliver energy to the skin and to the areas immediately beneath the skin. A series of treatments causes a noticeable tightening.

Is Evolve Tite uncomfortable?

At the Whole Beauty® Institute patient comfort is a high priority. During your treatment you will experience a sense of warmth, similar to what you might feel during a hot stone massage. There is a call button that allows you to summon staff if you would like to reduce the heat.

How many treatments do I need?

For best results we recommend a series of weekly treatments over 6 to 8 weeks. Patients typically notice improvement after the first few treatments, and progress continues after that.

Who is a Candidate for Evolve Tite?

Evolve Tite works best in people who have mild to moderate skin laxity in specific areas of the body and who have good habits of nutrition and exercise. We employ a comprehensive approach to aesthetics at the Whole Beauty® Institute. In other words, we have deep knowledge of all treatments available for your specific needs. For some patients there is so much looseness, that the only reasonable option is surgery that removes excess skin. In others with a medium level of looseness BodyTite, a minimally-invasive procedure under local anesthesia, strikes the right balance. For people with significant, but not severe looseness Evolve Tite may represent an excellent choice. We are led by Dr. John Q. Cook, a recognized authority in aesthetic plastic surgery, who carefully researches all treatments for the benefit of our patients.

It is possible to combine Evolve Tite with Evolve Trim for patients who have moderate fat excess and loose skin.

Evolve Tone

What is Evolve Tone?

Evolve tone uses electromagnetic energy to produce contractions of muscles in the area of treatment. This causes an increase in the overall muscle mass and tone, so that there is an overall tighter feeling to the zone that has experienced treatment.

How Does Evolve Tone Work?

A series of applicators are placed over the zone to be treated. The energy causes a series of contractions of the muscles, which leads to increased muscle tone. This can lift the buttock and give a better appearance to other treated areas.

Is Evolve Tone a substitute for Exercise?

The simple answer is “no.” At the Whole Beauty® Institute we are committed to our patients’ long-term health and well-being. All body contour procedures, whether surgical or non-surgical, provide benefit when they are based on a foundation of excellent personal habits. That said, some people reach a frustrating plateau where they can’t seem to get any further improvement with their current healthy routine. Treatments like Evolve Tone can produce a visible improvement in problem areas, and this can lead to new level of commitment to nutrition and exercise.

Can Evolve Tone be combined with the other Evolve Treatments?

Absolutely! The great thing about the Evolve Platform is that it can be customized to your individual needs. Evolve is the first system that can address all three major aspects of body shape: fat distribution, skin tone, and deep muscle tone. Our team can design a customized plan that is just right for you.

Finally a Solution that meets your Body Contour Needs!

At the Whole Beauty® Institute we are pleased to offer what we believe to be the most advanced and versatile non-surgical system to optimize body contour. With Trim, Tite, and Tone we can customize a solution to your needs.

Contact the Whole Beauty® Institute at 312-751-2112 to schedule a consultation.