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Top 10 SculpSure Questions

Dr. Cook answers the top ten questions commonly asked about SculpSure™, the new fat melting technology.





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Answers to your SculpSure Questions

Dr. John Q. Cook of the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about SculpSure™

  1. How long does a treatment take?
    Treatment with SculpSure™ usually takes only 25 to 30 minutes. The treatment is much shorter than with other non-invasive fat-melting technologies.
  2. Is the treatment uncomfortable?
    During the treatment you will experience a sense of warmth in the area beneath the applicators. The level of discomfort is relatively mild. Patients who have been treated by other fat reduction technologies usually say that the SculpSure treatment is much more pleasant.
  3. How does Sculpsure work?
    SculpSure uses laser energy to generate heat in a specific area of excess fat. The heat is enough to disrupt the structure of the fat cells in that zone, which causes them to self destruct. The body’s natural method of renewal carries away the injured cells.
  4. Can the fat cells regrow?
    The fat cell resembles a balloon. When a person gains weight, the fat cells expand to store the extra energy that has been taken in by the body.
    Some of the spa treatments for fat reduction cause the fat cells to “leak” some of the stored fat, but the cell remains intact and can grow again if the person overeats.
    Sculpsure causes sufficient damage to the fat cells that they cannot survive. The result is a permanent reduction of the number of fat cells in the treated area. Zones that were previously “fat magnets” are less likely to enlarge once they have been treated by the SculpSure technology.
  5. What areas can be treated?
    The greatest experience with SculpSure is in the mid-body: the abdomen, flanks, and hips. The technology is flexible, so that treatment can be carried out is many other zones of the body.
  6. How much reduction usually occurs?
    In the studies that led to FDA approval of SculpSure there was an average of 25% reduction of fat in the treated areas.
  7. When will I see results?
    Results will be visible in 4 to 6 weeks. There is continued improvement after that.
  8. Is this a substitute for diet and exercise?
    As with liposuction, Sculpsure is not a substitute for good personal habits. In order to get the best long term results patients should optimize nutrition and exercise and use SculpSure to correct resistant areas.
  9. Can other treatments be performed at the same time?
    Many patients choose to undergo facial procedures such as oxygen facials, radio-frequency treatments, and chemical peels at the same time they are treated with the SculpSure technology. This makes SculpSure a great choice for busy people, as it is possible to get the benefits of two different treatments at the same time.
  10. Will SculpSure deliver the same results as liposuction?’
    Liposuction is even more powerful than SculpSure in treating areas of excess fat. At the Whole Beauty® Institute we offer the latest techniques of laser liposuction, SmartLipo and SlimLipo under local anesthesia. Because of our in-depth experience with all forms of body contour surgery we can guide you to the technique that makes the most sense for your goals and priorities.
  11. Who is the best candidate for SculpSure?
    A reasonably trim person with good skin tone and distinct areas of excess fat is the very best candidate for SculpSure therapy. Other people can benefit, and we can educate you as to whether the treatment will offer sufficient results to be worth your while. At the present time we do not recommend Sculpsure for people who are significantly overweight.

Under the leadership of Dr. John Q. Cook, the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka is the first medical practice in the Midwest to use the Sculpsure® technology. We offer our patients individualized aesthetic plastic surgery and advanced medical aesthetics. Contact our team at 312-751-2112 or online to learn about SculpSure® or to schedule a consultation.