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Patients have remarked for years that our website provides the most comprehensive information in the Chicago regarding aesthetic plastic surgery and advanced medical aesthetics. From the first days of our website, our goal has been to provide high quality educational content for our patients and for anyone interested in plastic surgery.

We have recently upgraded our website to a platform that allows for easy access on all devices, mobile and desktop.

We also took the opportunity to add substantial new content to the main website, in keeping with our commitment to providing high quality and timely information to our patients

Find the Best Content in Our Four Areas of Expertise

At the Whole Beauty® Institute we are focused on four primary areas:

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery
Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery
Advanced Body Contour Surgery
Advanced Medical Aesthetics

Our entire team is committed to best-in-class results in each of these areas.

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Breast Augmenation with Structural Mastopexy before and after.

Breast Augmenation with Structural Mastopexy before and after.

As featured in the previous issue of this newsletter, Dr. Cook has also developed a website the focuses on his extensive experience in all aspects of aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery. In this website you will find a wealth of information about the options that are available for patients seeking breast lift, breast reduction, breast augmentation, and breast reconstruction.

Dr. Cook has developed the technique of Structural Breast Surgery, which has several advantages over many other techniques of breast lift and breast reduction. Learn more about structural breast surgery on our website.

Education Is a Core Value of the Whole Beauty® Institute

Dr. John Q. Cook provides his patients with the most educated team of clinicians in the Chicago area. From deep knowledge comes excellent results.

We also feel it is important to educate our patients, and our website expresses our emphasis on high-quality information.

Our goal is to be the practice of choice for educated, empowered individuals. One way we reach this goal is to provide the best source of up-to-date knowledge in our fields of expertise.