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Patient Experiences

Our Goal for Each Patient Is to Create a Wonderful Experience for You





John Q. Cook, M.D.

Chicago 312-751-2112
Winnetka 847-446-7562

By remaining loyal to his artistic vision, his dedication to a natural look, and his genuine interest in his patients’ needs, Dr. Cook has built a reputation for exceptional results and patient experiences. Our caring staff adds to that reputation by creating a comfortable, private environment and by anticipating patients’ needs before and after any procedure.

We feel quite honored to have helped patients from all over the world, from Tokyo to London, New York to Los Angeles, and right here in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

“Dr. Cook is professional, meticulous, thorough and detailed.  Sensitive and empathetic to patients’ needs and concerns.  A wonderful person and surgeon.  Highest recommendation!”

JT. Chicago,IL

“The best money I spent on myself!”

EH. Chicago, IL

“ A true artist, Dr. Cook understands the human form and works his magic with ease.”

CH. Scottsdale, AZ

“Very natural look.  Just what I wanted.  I love me!”

KA.  Naperville, IL

“I was very hesitant to have surgery, and after meeting Dr. cook and his team, I became confident.  I feel incredibly thankful that I went through wit surgery and I could not be more grateful.  Thank you all so much.”

JW.  Burr Ridge, IL

“Dr. Cook first performed reconstruction on me in 1991 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  20 years later some additional work needed to be done.  I am so pleased with the results?”

JS.  Homewood, IL

“Dr. Cook and his staff are wonderful, kind, caring, professional and competent.  The results are amazing.”

MR.  Chicago, IL

“My recent HLT, tummy tuck, went wonderfully, thanks to Dr. Cook and his staff.  I never thought I would see this figure again, particularly at this stage in life.  Start to follow-up, with professionals that care!  “What a difference a day makes” I am ecstatic with the results!  Just know, you all have really helped someone!  It may sound silly, however, I now look forward, rather than to the past!  Thank you. I am so happy!”

CK.  Chicago, IL

“As a patient of Dr. John Q. Cook, I can say that he is one of the most talented, caring and knowledgeable physicians in Illinois. He takes a great deal of time with his patients making sure that the necessary corrections are precise and natural.  If you are looking for a plastic surgeon who will give you a completely natural look, yet make your face appear to be years younger, I strongly recommend Dr. Cook as your plastic surgeon. 

In short, he is an artist who produces amazing results. In addition to Dr. Cook’s expertise and dedication to his field, his nurses and office helpers are an amazing group of caring individuals who make their patients feel very comfortable and welcome. Thank you so much for winding back the clock and for making me feel so positive about my appearance.”

GP.  Chicago, IL

“The breast aug was a piece of cake.  I had had dental visits that took me longer to recover from.  The staff was so supportive and eased any concerns I had.”

KK.  Chicago, IL

“I have been a regular patient of Dr. Cook’s for over eight years.  I am a strong advocate of his skin care procedures and products.  I have also had surgery including blepharoplasty and a chin lift with the best care and amazing results.”

JB.  Chicago, IL

“The process of the peel was well worth the results!! Not only did I get noticeable lightening of the discoloration on my skin, I also saw improvement in texture.”

DL.  Chicago, IL

“Laser hair removal was the best gift I have given myself. All of the unwanted hair has disappeared  The staff at Whole Beauty Institute is amazing and they make you feel so comfortable.  Thank you.”

JW.  Chicago, IL

“This journey was made an enjoyable experience with Dr. Cook and his entire staff who are compassionate and professional.  I would highly recommend the Whole Beauty Institute.”

PB.  Crown Point, IN

“I am only sorry I waited so long to do.  The breast reduction procedure was easy and the entire staff has been so supportive.”

BC.  Chicago, IL

“I wanted to express my gratitude to you for once again improving my life.”

JP.  Chicago, IL

“I am thrilled with the results of my underarm laser hair removal.  After only 5 sessions, I saw an 80% reduction in hair growth.  I never imagined that I would go 2 months without shaving and at that, have just a few fine hairs.  I highly recommend Whole Beauty Institute.  The results are real!”

DH,  Chicago, IL

“I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Cook’s office.  The staff was so incredibly friendly and the Botox and filler treatments made such a world of difference.”

BV.  Lisle, IL

“Since I was a teenager, I have had to pluck my chin every morning for a half an hour.  It is amazing after only a few treatments how my life has changed.  No more plucking!  Thank you!”

PC.  Chicago, IL

“I’ve been a client for many years and the outstanding technicians are the reason I continue to return for services.  These talented women are a delight and do a great job taking care of my facial needs!”

KW.   Chicago, IL

“I have had several procedures done by Dr. Cook and his staff.  They are the best!  I come all the way from Indiana just for the wonderful care I get from everyone at Whole Beauty.”

RE.  Valparaiso, IN

“The procedure is life changing!  It is a big surgery – a big recovery but very much worth it.  Dr. Cook is an artist as well as a fine doctor.  I felt safe and in good hands.”

HA.  Chicago, IL

“This is just a note to thank you personally for making my visit to The Whole Beauty Institute a wonderful experience.  From the minute I entered the office, I was greeted with a smile, a beverage and an informative conversation. I had been wanting to make my aging face look fresher and was interested in some type of facial filler.  Your staff was so informative about my options and mapped out a plan of action for me.  I left your office feeling like a new, younger woman.”

BC. Chicago, IL

“The office staff was very kind and accommodating.  The procedure was done with care and I absolutely love the results.  I look forward to my next visit.  Thank you so much!”

AB.  Chicago, IL

“At Dr. Cook’s office, they create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.  Any worries or hesitations go right out the window as soon as you realize you are in the presence of highly skilled professionals.  The treatment was quick and painless and the results were exactly what I was hoping for.”

AM.  Chicago, IL

“The treatment was very painless and effective.  The staff was very gently and precise with the injections and  very informative as well.  Botox is the fastest, easiest way to smooth fine lines and look refreshed.  It’s magic! “

LL.  Chicago, IL

“I interviewed with a couple surgeons before Dr. Cook, but when I met him, he was the most comprehensive, detail-oriented, professional and accomplished of them.  The work he has done for me, confirms it all.”  

AF.  Chicago, IL

“The progress of my treatments has been phenomenal!  The care, concern and knowledge of Amie has been remarkable.  She treats you with the upmost respect and truly cares about the process, the person and the results…as if it was her own!”

NP.  Chicago, IL

“I do not consider myself a vain person by any stretch of the imagination.  If you asked me a year ago if I would consider doing an injectible I would have said, “no way”.  But I recently married at a sunrise ceremony and I was astonished at the nasal fold lines I had.  Some of the pictures looked horrible.  The combination of the shadows of the morning and my deep wrinkles in that area, made for a depressing realization.  Time was catching up to me.  The irony is, I developed the folds from smiling and they were making me look sad and unapproachable.

The nurse did an amazing job with the treatment.  I could hardly feel what she was doing.  The results were amazing.  Half way through the treatment I looked in the mirror and I could not believe the difference.  I feel so refreshed and youthful.  That evening I went to dinner and ordered a drink. I was carded!  I’m nearly 37 years old. Having this done was my little secret.  I didn’t tell anyone including my husband.  It is so subtle.  I look great, but no one can put their finger on what is different.   I just look rested and revived.  My only regret is not doing it sooner.

This treatment is well worth it.  The results last a long time and they are instant.  When you think of how much money is spent on creams that give minimal results, I would rather spend my money on this and walk out looking amazing.”

LG.  Chicago, IL

“I first met Doctor Cook in June 2009.  I found Dr. Cook’s “bed-side manner” superb.  He proved to be an active listener and consequently his initial consultation was quite informative.  For example, Dr. Cook was consistently clear in all his explanation which, in turn, provided me with reasonable expectations for my surgery and its results.  It was less than six months later that any expectations were tremendously exceeded.


When I first considered Lipectomy I was quite apprehensive, but the moment I walked into Dr. Cook’s office my fear was immediately assuaged by a staff that was always professional, courteous and so friendly you actually look forward to your next office visit.  There are many choices for plastic surgeons, but it’s a waste of your time to look any further than Dr. cook.  I definitely recommend Dr. Cook to anyone who is searching for any type of cosmetic surgery.”

JR.  Chicago, IL

“Further to my appointment last Friday, could you please thank Rana and Justin on my behalf for their lovely welcome. It was important for me to feel that I was in good hands and that things were handled professionally. Many thanks. Kind regards,”

– AWL of Denmark, a Botox® Cosmetic patient visiting Chicago

“Dr. Cook and his staff are the best. They took a lot of time, when I had questions. After the surgery they called to make sure I was doing okay. And actually visited me in the hotel. [The hotel] was a great option since I came in from out of town. The room service was excellent. It was very comfortable. [The staff] were very informative, they kept me posted on what to expect at every step of the process. I never felt uncomfortable. The confidence of the staff really came through which gave me the confidence that everything would go really well. Dr. Cook was very concerned with making sure that, as a patient, I was taken care of before, during and after the procedure.” 

“I am 100% pleased for two reasons. One, I just think I look so much better, but I also think the integrity of me and my personality was maintained. In other words, I look like me, only better. I don’t look like what someone else thought I should look like. The atmosphere was very nice. I thought the people were exceptional. They were very patient. They answered all my questions. There was no doubt … that this was the doctor and the people I felt comfortable having my surgery with. I think that every member of his staff was great, even when I called with some questions, the phone calls were returned within five minutes. I just couldn’t speak any more highly of the staff.”


“I am very pleased. It is a very great psychological uplift. The main thing that I would say is that after meeting several other [plastic surgeons], the most important thing in my mind is the trust that I had with Dr. Cook. Absolute trust …he is a very, very thorough and conscientious person and I think that’s probably the most important thing to me. Trust and of course, I know his background and how thoroughly trained he is. He had my underlying trust.”


“Dr. Cook really is more of an artist. He doesn’t rush in and rush out, just to get the next person on the table. He took time, his results were incredible and he is just so nice, I was really comfortable with him.”