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Skin Care & Makeup Class for Tweens & Teens

Next Class will be held this Fall

date to be announced

Tweens: ages 12-14
Teens: ages 15-17

737 North Michigan Ave – 7th floor lounge
Entrance 151 E. Chicago Ave.

Learn skincare tips and techniques from our Whole Beauty pro to care for your skin and get that glow! Please RSVP by March 2nd to attend.

About the Class

Learn skin care tips and techniques from our Whole Beauty pro to care for your skin and get that glow!

Learn makeup application tips from a pro makeup artist for natural-looking beauty.

Leave with a cool gift bag filled with a Facial Cleansing Brush and more!

Mimosa reception for adults!

Space is Limited. Sign up or call soon.
For ages: 12-17.

Private classes are available for boys & girls.
(private classes scheduled separately)

$50 per Tween or Teen

Joy Edmonds

The skin care class will be led by Clinical Licensed Aesthetician, Joy Edmonds, of the Whole Beauty® Institute.

Joy Edmonds has over 12 years of dermatology experience and eight years of medical aesthetic experience, Joy brings to our practice a deep understanding and love of skin and aesthetic treatments.

Middle-school and high-school is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. Joy understands that this stress can lead to acne flares and other skin changes. She is passionate about helping tweens and teens better understand their skin and giving tips to better manage skin changes during these exciting but stressful times.


Skin Care 101 – How to choose and use the right skincare products for your skin type.

Pimples and Acne – I have pimples/acne, what do I do?

What’s up with my skin? – Understanding and managing the external and internal factors that can effect the health of your skin.

YouTube Myths – Not all influencers are dishing out the right tea when it comes to the correct way prep and care for your skin. Whole Beauty debunks the posers!

Q&A – Let’s talk! Our pros are here to answer your skincare questions!


How to Achieve a Natural Look – Make-up tutorial

Your Make-Up Kit – Make-up product essentials every girl must have! And how to care for them!

Foundation and Concealer – Understanding the difference between skin tone and undertone and how to pick the right foundation and concealer for your skin.

Make-up Shades and Colors – Picking the right make-up colors for your skin tone.

Bronzer, Contouring, Highlights – Learn best ways to apply all three!

Makeup Q&A – Our pro answers your make-up questions.


Personal one-on-one instruction with our professionals. Scheduled separately.

Learn skin care tips and techniques from our Whole Beauty pros to care for your skin! Leave your one-on-one class with tons of new information and know-how. Plus a cool gift bag with cleansers and gadgets!