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Tummy Tuck Preparation

Optimum Preparation Extends the Benefits of Abdominoplasty





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Preparation for Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) and other Body Contour Surgeries

As part of our detailed evaluation of you during the consultation, we pay careful attention to your habits of nutrition, exercise, and smoking. The quality of your recovery from abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and other body contour surgery is directly related to the stability of these habits. We have also found that the best long-term results come about when excellence in surgical technique is amplified by our patients’ optimum healthy habits.

Our commitment to you extends beyond the operation itself. We will provide you with guidance during the preparation phase for your surgery so that your pattern of exercise and nutrition are optimized.

Does this mean that we only operate on patients who are trained athletes? Of course not! Body contour surgery can provide wonderful benefits to people with a wide range of physiques. There are patients with fuller, more curvaceous physiques who exercise regularly and have good nutritional balance. They are happy with their overall form and are only interested in improving the abdominal contour. These patients tend to be delighted with the results of abdominoplasty.

Stabilize your Habits before you have Surgery

What doesn’t work is surgery that is performed on a patient who has an unstable pattern of habits, whose weight cycles up and down dramatically, and who goes from one fad diet to another.

It is better for that patient to obtain a sensible and stable pattern of habits and bring his or her weight to a level of stability that can be maintained over the long term. For some people this will take a few months; for others it may take a year or more. With this healthy foundation, the patient can proceed with the surgery, knowing that she will have a smooth recovery and obtain long-lasting results.

How Abdominoplasty helps your to Permanently Change your Habits

We have found that the majority of patients who adjust their habits in preparation for abdominoplasty and other body contour surgeries maintain these beneficial habits over the long term. Many patients who have lost tone in their abdomen are frustrated by the lack of response to diet and exercise.

Once the new abdominal tone and contour is established with the abdominoplasty procedure, a virtuous feedback cycle is established. The patient is delighted with the new look of the mid-body and because of this is highly motivated to maintain the result with balanced nutrition and exercise. One patient recently said to us, “Now when I do sit-ups I actually see an effect!”

Smoking is the enemy of healing, and this is particularly true in abdominoplasty and other body contour surgeries. Our patients quit smoking well in advance of surgery, so that the circulation can come into proper balance. This is easier to do than it sounds, since the desire for the surgical result serves as a powerful motivation to stop smoking. We are delighted that the significant majority of our patients who were smokers prior to their surgery have not returned to smoking after the surgery.