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Axillary Incision

Breast Augmentation with an Axillary (Under-Arm) Incision





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Breast Augmentation with an Axillary Incision

axillary incision | breast augmentation | Dr. John Q. Cook

Axillary breast augmentation entirely removes the scar from the breast.

The main appeal of the axillary (under arm) approach to breast augmentation is that it entirely removes the scar from the breast.

This may be of some appeal to a patient who wants to be very discreet about her decision to have breast augmentation surgery. No matter how well the body heals, an incision in the fold under the breast or at the areolar border will leave some trace of its presence. Of course this is equally true of an incision under the arm, but some patients like the fact that this incision is away from the breast.

If you are of an ancestry that makes it more likely you will have a thick or dark scar, remember that the axillary location is not particularly privileged in terms of healing.

Only the periareolar incision can make this claim. Remember that the inframammary and periareolar incisions will be hidden by clothing and swimsuits, while the area under the arm is not. As a consequence, if an axillary incision doesn’t heal well, it will be visible every time you raise your arms.

Axillary Breast Augmentation | Dr. John Q. Cook | Whole Beauty Institute

Axillary breast augmentation before and after. Click image to view in gallery.

When I perform axillary breast augmentation I always make use of an endoscopic system in order to increase the accuracy of my work in the lower portion of the breast.

So-called “blind” axillary augmentations rely on relatively crude instruments to create the pocket for the breast implant and don’t allow for accuracy.

As I mentioned earlier, in my practice a significant percentage of patients require sophisticated technical maneuvers in order to achieve the best surgical result. These are usually best accomplished via an inframammary incision.

If you have the type of skin that heals well and you are very concerned about having a scar anywhere on your breast, the axillary approach may be a good choice for you. This may be particularly true if you have very small breasts that lack a well-defined natural fold.

PROS: Incision Is Away from the Breast
This is  particularly useful for patients who don’t have a well-defined fold under the breast and who have relatively small breasts.

CONS: Axillary Incision May Form Thick Scars that Will Be Visible When You Raise Your Arms
This is not well-suited if your breasts require advanced techniques.