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Structural Breast Surgery

Dr. Cook has developed the structural technique to significantly improve breast surgery results from augmentation to revisional procedures.
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The Development of The Structural Breast Surgery Technique Has Been a Major Focus of My Creative Activity Over The Past Five Years

Patients who come to me benefit from the important role this technique plays in solving several problems that have limited the results of breast surgery. I apply the principles of structural breast surgery to a wide range of breast operations: breast lift, breast augmentation combined with lift, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, and revisional breast surgery.


How do patients benefit from Structural Breast Surgery?

There are a number of practical and artistic benefits of structural breast surgery.

Structural Breast Surgery Restores Volume Naturally to The Upper Part of The Breast without Implants
For most women time, gravity, motion, and natural cycles of pregnancy and hormonal fluctuations lead to a hollowing out of the upper portions of the breast. Often techniques of breast lift, breast reduction, and breast revision do not adequately solve this problem. Plastic surgeons may address this problem with breast implants, but from the patient’s perspective it would be ideal if the upper sections of the breast could be filled out with natural breast tissue.

For many but not all breasts the structural technique allows for a rearrangement of breast structure so that a pleasing fullness can be restored to the upper pole of the breast.

Structural Breast Surgery Provides Deep Structural Anchoring of Breast Tissue to Help Keep The Breast In Good Position

structural breast surgery | John Q. Cook, M.D. | Whole Beauty Institute

Long-term results of the structural breast surgery technique. Click image to view in gallery.

Many breast lift and breast reduction techniques bring the breast to a higher position by removing excess skin in the lower portions of the breast and stitching the edges of the skin back together. Since the skin is tightened, the underlying breast structure is pushed upward.

Unfortunately, the skin tends to stretch over time, which leads to the breast settling to a lower position and the upper portion of the breast hollowing out.

With the structural technique, skin excision plays only a minor role in the lifting of the breast. The real work of lifting is done by deep structural anchors at three separate levels. I have found that the structural technique has given a more powerful and longer-lasting result than I was able to achieve with other breast surgery techniques.

Limits The Scar That Occurs with Classic Breast Reduction Techniques

With the classical pattern or so-called anchor scar of breast reduction and breast lift surgery, the scar included the border of the areola, then runs straight down to the fold at the base of the breast and continues for a long distance along the fold under the breast. This scar is particularly troublesome at the inner aspect of the breast, where it may be evident with certain swimsuits and dresses.

With the structural breast surgery technique there is no scar at all at the inner portion of the breast.


Structural Breast Lift | John Q. Cook, M.D. | Whole Beauty Imstitute

Structural breast lift combined with high lateral tension abdominoplasty. Click image to view in gallery.

Additional Benefits to Structural Breast Surgery

Breasts that experience the cycles of weight loss and weight gain lose the firmness of their structure. They tend to spread out as well as settle. The structural technique helps to restore a compact breast structure. I have observed another advantage of the structural technique that can be very helpful to some patients. There are women who experience a widening of the base of the breast that makes it difficult to attain a good bra fit. The structural technique can allow for a narrowing of the breast base.

The structural technique also allows for a raising of the fold under the breast for some women in whom the fold has settled to a lower-than-desirable position. Although there are some limitations, I have found the structural technique to be more successful in this regard than other breast lift techniques.

Structural breast surgery provides solutions to a wide variety of breast problems.

A Detailed Consideration of Your Goals and In-Depth Evaluation of Your Breast Structure Guides Our Recommendations

We offer our patients a highly individualized assessment that takes into account your pattern of activity, your taste, your goals, and your breast structure. Structural breast surgery is consistent with our purpose, which is to optimize your unique natural form.

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Dr. John Q. Cook has spent many years practicing the structural breast surgery technique, and has helped many women obtain results beyond their expectations. If you have been considering breast surgery and would like to learn more about structural breast surgery with Dr. Cook, please contact us today at 312-751-2112.

Dr. John Q Cook proudly serves patients from his practice locations in Chicago and the North Shore.