We are beginning to emerge from Winter. The days are perceptively longer and early Spring flowers are pushing their way up to sunlight. Now is the time to freshen your skin for Spring, so that it will be at its best as we return to outdoor life. During the Winter we gave you guidance about protecting and repairing your skin. Now is a good time to plan a Spring cleaning for your skin, so that it will be fresh and radiant. Your friends at the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka have 7 helpful suggestions for fresh Spring skin.

1. Start by Cleaning Out Never-Used and Expired Products

Everyone accumulates a collection of products that were given out as samples or recommended at a medical spa. Perhaps you tried some of these then fell out of the habit because they didn’t seem to do much or you didn’t like the way they clogged your pores. Get rid of them! It is better to assemble a collection of core products that are suited to your skin’s character. If you constantly hop from one product line to another, mix incompatible products, or use expired products you will probably do your skin more harm than good. A collection of 20 or more skin products will only lead to confusion. Like any process of personal improvement, good medical grade skincare comes from consistent daily activity. A few minutes at the beginning and the end of the day are all that is necessary for beautiful skin if you use the right medical-grade products. Our Whole Beauty® team will be happy to give you a refresher course in skincare.

2. Swap out your cleanser for one that is suitable for spring

Spring brings way to higher temperatures, more humidity, and more outdoor activity. You may need a cleanser that is more robust, yet gentle. We often recommend the Whole Beauty® Illuminating Cleanser to keep your skin clean and bright during the warmer months. Its combination of natural acids helps illuminate your skin by breaking up surface debris, without stripping the skin of its natural moisture barrier. Rougher cleansers that remove the moisture barrier cause the skin react with an over-production of oil, which is often associated with summer breakouts.

3. Adjust Your Moisturizer for More Humid Air

The harsh conditions of Winter often require a moisturizer that offers protection from dry air and cold winds. This degree of protection may be too much as we move into a period of gentle, more humid breezes. Hylasilk, has a light, almost transparent feel when you apply it to the skin, which is perfect for Spring and Summer. Many of our patients also take advantage of our versatile WBR3 and WBR3 Plus with Growth Factor, which gently repairs the moisture barrier but also improves the water content of the skin from the inside.

4. How is Hydration different from a Moisturizer? Many people are confused about this.

Think of a moisturizer as a protective barrier that prevents our skin from drying out. Our skin has a natural protective barrier, but harsh weather, a dry environment, and the aging process can thin this barrier. Without a good barrier, the skin literally dries out. Moisturizers are designed to mimic the skin’s natural protective barrier. In general thicker moisturizers can be helpful in dry Winter weather, whereas thinner ones are more appropriate for warmer, more humid months. Think of hydration as water content. Young plump skin looks beautiful in part because of its hydration; with more water content comes better tone. Young skin holds more water for a number of reasons. It has a high content of hyaluronic acid, a molecule that attracts water. There is also a water transport mechanism that carries water from deep in the skin to its surface; with age and stress, this water transport mechanism becomes less efficient. The Whole Beauty® Hydrating Peptide Serum, our most popular product, replenishes the skin’s content of hyaluronic acid, which pulls more water into the skin. Among the many benefits of our stand-out products, WBR3 and WBR3 Plus with Growth Factor, is that they enhance the water transport system of the skin, thereby increasing water content. Hydrating Peptide Serum, WBR3 and WBR3 Plus with Growth Factor are good for your skin year round.

5. Just in Time for Spring: Whole Beauty Products to Brighten Your Skin!

Boost your skin’s Spring cleaning to the next level! We have two products that team up nicely to restore radiance to your skin. You can use these products at home on select evenings to enhance the power of your regular WBI product routine. The Whole Beauty® Radiant Buffing Scrub combines the scrubbing action of eco-safe silica beads with a special moisturizing formula. The product can be used as a cleanser or as a hydrating masque. Our revitalizing pads exfoliate your skin and help to restore hydration. We will instruct you on how you can combine them with the buffing scrub.

6. Don’t Forget the Sunblock!

As the days become longer and warmer we spend more time outdoors. This means that it is even more essential to protect your skin from sun damage and the deterioration it can cause over time. Many sunscreen products have a thick greasy feel that makes you reluctant to apply them, let alone reapply as the day progresses. Our Emollient Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 40 is the perfect product for you. It provides broad-spectrum UV protection, but it avoids the potential for breakouts that can occur with thicker sunblocks.

7. Treat Yourself to a Customized Peel Treatment

For still greater power, our skilled aesthetics team will freshen your skin with our selection of facial peels. Come in for a customized peel treatment, specifically selected for your unique skin needs.

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