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Plastic surgeon John Q. Cook, M.D. has extensive experience performing surgical breast procedures.

Breast Surgery to Enhance, Reduce, Lift, and Revise the Breasts for a Naturally Beautiful Silhouette in the Chicago Area

Patients who come to Whole Beauty® Institute for a breast procedure evaluation benefit from Dr. John Q. Cook’s extensive experience and passionate commitment to the natural breast form. For anyone considering some form of breast surgery at his Chicago and Winnetka-based practice, he leads a detailed consultation that allows for him to understand your goals, lifestyle, and patterns of activity, all of which impact the surgical result. Dr. Cook and his team aim to offer each breast surgery patient a continuum of care that is highly personalized and holds to the highest standards of service.

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Breast surgery represents one of the major areas of Dr. Cook’s interests and expertise. Dr. Cook has studied aesthetics throughout his life and crafted his surgical philosophy on finding beauty in natural forms. This underlies each breast surgery he performs, whether helping a patient achieve her desired contours via enhancement, reduction, or refinement.

In addition, Dr. Cook’s work with breast surgery is built on the foundation of his extensive work in the challenging area of reconstructive breast surgery. “One challenge is the creation of a new breast after mastectomy or a congenital problem, but an equally challenging situation is where we must then take the remaining natural breast and shape it to balance the breast that we have created,” he explains.

In his work at Rush University Medical Center, one of the leading hospitals in the Midwest for breast surgery, Dr. Cook has helped literally hundreds of women rebuild their lives after the challenge of breast absence or deformity. Dr. Cook’s extensive breast reconstruction experience benefits patients seeking elective surgery as well. For two decades, he has helped his breast surgery patients enhance their self-image by improving their form through enhancement, lift, reduction, or reconstruction procedures at his Chicago centers.

Whole Beauty® Institute’s Comprehensive Portfolio of Breast Surgery Procedures

Augmentation has been the most popular breast surgery—in fact, the most popular plastic surgery procedure overall—in the United States for years. That said, implants are not the only option for patients who want to alter their silhouette. Each woman’s breasts will change in unique ways as she ages and experiences life milestones.

The range of breast surgery procedures available at Whole Beauty® Institute reflects a diverse portfolio of techniques built to provide patients with the look they want while allowing Dr. Cook to preserve natural lines and contours. The result is a customized profile, designed to minimize risk and discomfort.

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Breast Augmentation

Breast enlargement and enhancement is about much more than implants. A wide range of patients come to Dr. Cook for breast augmentation. Whether it is a question of creating a fuller breast or of restoring breast volume after pregnancy or weight loss, patients benefit from the careful artistic analysis that Dr. Cook provides via an advanced portfolio of techniques to meet your needs.

Augmentation with Lift

For breasts that are sitting too low and lack volume, Dr. Cook offers innovative combinations of techniques to lift the breast and restore proper breast fullness. The Whole Beauty® Institute offers a variety of breast augmentation with lift techniques that include periareolar breast surgery, structural breast lifting, anatomical implants, and natural volume enhancement with your own fat.

Breast Reconstruction

For all of his breast surgery patients, Dr. Cook draws upon the techniques he refined when he performed breast reconstruction at Rush University Medical Center, one of the Midwest’s leading academic medical centers. Patients who desire revision of previous reconstructive or aesthetic breast surgery often look to Dr. Cook’s year of expertise.

Breast implants

Dr. Cook has worked for more than two decades with a wide range of silicone gel and saline-filled breast implants, so he is able to provide each breast enlargement patient with in-depth knowledge about her range of choices. From his perspective, the key to success in breast enhancement surgery is a careful study of proportion and aesthetics coupled with a range of advanced techniques presented in an individualized manner.

Breast Reduction

Patients with disproportionately large breasts often experience pain, discomfort, and embarrassment. For some women, the effects are so severe that comfort during day-to-day activity and the ability to exercise are compromised. With Dr. Cook’s extensive experience, hundreds of Whole Beauty® Institute patients have found improvement in comfort, posture, and self-confidence that accompany breast reduction surgery.

Gynecomastia For Men

Men with enlarged breasts is a condition more common than most people realize which can start as early as adolescences and lead to great embarrassment. Dr. Cook can offer a variety of techniques to correct enlarged male breasts by assessing the patient’s degree of loose skin and the relative amounts of glandular and fatty enlargement in order to attain a more defined or athletic physic.

Breast Lift

As a result of pregnancy, weight loss, or simply the passage of time, many women find that their breasts settle to a low position and lose their natural fullness. In addition to the classic breast lift technique, Dr. Cook offers the periareolar approach, which limits the scar to the zone around the areola, and the structural technique, which naturally restores volume to the upper portion of the breast and leaves smaller scars than with traditional techniques.

Breast Revision

Because of Dr. Cook’s reputation as a leader in breast surgery, patients seek his advice when they have experienced less-than-ideal results from previous surgeries. With any concern, whether it be implant rippling or rupture, or reconstruction failure, a detailed, individualized assessment is key to developing a plan that will improve the patient’s breast form via breast revision.

Mommy Makeover

While much of the attention given to Mommy Makeover procedures focuses on breast surgery, body surgery can also be a major component. A growing baby causes skin to stretch out and can separate the abdominal muscles that keep the belly firm and prevent bulges. Dr. Cook can draw on his full range of body surgery options—including abdominoplasty techniques and fat-reduction methods—to create natural-looking prebaby contours.

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