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Juvederm Volbella

1. Volbella® is a hyaluronic filler newly-approved by the FDA for enhancement of the lips and reduction of the fine lines around the lips.

Volbella has the same fundamental structure as a wide range of hyaluronic fillers, such as Voluma, Juvederm, Restylane, and Restylane lift. They are all based on a simple sugar molecule that occurs naturally throughout the human body in virtually all of our natural tissues. Volbella has already been used in a large number of patients in Canada and Europe, and it has an excellent safety profile. Our clinical team in our Chicago and Winnetka offices has been very pleased with the versatility of this filler.

2. Volbella has the same Vycross technology as the filler Voluma, and because of this, it tends to last longer than expected.

Vycross is a particular method of linking different strands of the sugar molecule together so that it lasts longer than would otherwise be the case. This is helpful for the lips, where the constant motion has tended to make fillers last for a shorter time than in other less mobile areas.

Volbella Treatments Areas

3. Volbella is particularly helpful in restoring a smooth surface to the lips.

At the Whole Beauty® Institute, we have used a variety of fillers in the lips for many years. What makes Volbella special is that we can place it very near the surface of the lips. This helps to reduce the surface irregularities that often occur as the lip ages.

4. Volbella’s structure makes it an excellent choice for treating fine lines around the lips.

Volbella can be placed very superficially, which makes it well-suited to treating the lines that surround the red part of the lips. Other fillers in this location may have a tendency to thrust forward the white part of the lip, which is unattractive in humans, but may be okay in other species.

5. Volbella treatments are generally more comfortable than expected.

Volbella is mixed with a local anesthetic, which reduces discomfort. Also, the very superficial plane of injection is less sensitive than other locations. At the Whole Beauty® Institute, we have a variety of methods to make your experience with any injectable filler much kinder than you might expect.

6. Volbella can be combined with other treatments for total lip rejuvenation.

Very often combined therapies produce desirable synergies. This is certainly true with the lips. At the Whole Beauty® Institute, we often combine Volbella® with other fillers as well as with laser and radiofrequency resurfacing techniques.

Volbella patient before and after

7. You should consider Volbella is your goal is naturalistic rejuvenation of the lips.

At the Whole Beauty® Institute, our goal is a naturalistic rejuvenation in all of our treatments, whether surgical or non-surgical. There are too many lips wandering around Chicago that have lost their beautiful natural contours and curves. If lip rejuvenation is done with an artistic sensibility, the natural form of the lip will be enhanced rather than diminished.

8. Like any filler, plan the timing of your treatment with care.

We have been impressed by the relative lack of swelling and bruising in the majority of our patients treated with Volbella. That said, there are always those who swell more than expected. Don’t do this or any other filler treatment right before an important business or social engagement.

9. As with all injectable fillers, the skill and artistic sensibility of the person treating you is as important as the product.

Volbella is only a raw material. It must be used with skill and judgment. Only then will there be a beautiful result.

10. Lips should look like lips, not like cocktail sausages.

Why have so many celebrities ruined their lips with over treatment? We really don’t know. We have a different vision that is always based on natural form.

Is Volbella® right for you? Let the Whole Beauty Institute help you decide!

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