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A complete spectrum of surgical and non-surgical treatments tailored to the priorities of our male patients.

Why Dr. John Q. Cook and his Team are the Right Choice for Men


Men want to avoid overdone results. Our naturalistic approach is the perfect fit for men.


We offer cutting-edge treatments that minimize downtime.


Every patient receives an individualized evaluation. We keep you looking like you.


We offer effective and efficient skin products especially selected for men.

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Highly Effective Plastic Surgery and Non-Surgical Treatments for Men in Chicago and Winnetka

At the Whole Beauty® Institute, we offer our male patients a complete portfolio of plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments for men. In Winnetka, Chicago, and beyond, a growing number of men are looking for treatments that are individualized, efficient, and natural.

What Are the Whole Beauty® Institute’s Male Patients Looking For?

Our male patients seek aesthetic treatments that make them look dynamic, vital, and refreshed.

Our most popular aesthetic treatments and procedures for men include BodyTite with liposuction to contour the abdomen, waist, and chest; liposuction with FaceTite to improve the definition of the neck and jawline; and eyelid surgery to correct a tired look. Most of these procedures can be carried out under local anesthesia in the privacy of our Chicago and Winnetka offices.

Popular aesthetic treatments include BOTOX® to relax the forehead and eyes, fillers or natural fat to restore facial volume, BBL to remove brown and red spots from the face, HALO hybrid fractional laser to reduce surface wrinkles, and a variety of skincare products, peels, and other aesthetic treatments to refresh the face.

Dynamic Solutions to Restore the Male Physique

We can restore and enhance a dynamic appearance to the body with procedures that improve the definition and tone of the mid-body and chest. We combine surgical fat reduction with advanced technologies such as BodyTite and Morpheus in order to avoid the sagging that can occur after conventional aesthetic treatments for reducing fat with surgery.

A clean and well-defined neckline also contributes to a dynamic appearance. Depending on the patient’s needs, this can be achieved with a no-incision technique called Embrace, which combines FaceTite and Morpheus, or a variety of local anesthesia neck lift procedures and aesthetic treatments.

Many of our male patients are very fit. This discipline has its own rewards, including better health, mood, and energy. One downside to a trim and fit body is a face that may appear hollow, especially in the upper cheeks and temple. Dr. John Cook refers to this as the “fitness paradox.” Fortunately, there are good solutions when it comes to aesthetic treatments. Dr. Cook can either use your own fat to replace missing volume in a procedure known as facial fat transfer, or Dr. Cook and his skilled team can use a variety of injectable fillers to restore contour and form.

Patient testimonial of SculpSure, a non-surgical fat reduction treatment.

slimlipo for men

Before and after of SlimLipo technique used to trim the waistline and add more definition to the abdomen muscles. Perfomed by Dr. John Q. Cook.

Eyes and Brows – The Return of a Vital Looking Appearance for Men

blepharoplasty before and after

Blepharoplasty before and after. Performed by Dr. John Q. Cook.

Changes in the position and tone of the brow and eyelids can also contribute to a tired appearance. Dr. Cook offers an extensive portfolio of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments for the eye and brow areas. When there is significant excess skin that hides the upper eyelid, also known as hooded eyelids, an upper blepharoplasty (upper eyelid lift) can restore clean definition to the upper eyelid. A lower blepharoplasty is a procedure to address excessive eyelid bags or pockets of fat that develop under the eye. Dr. Cook can select from a range of aesthetic treatment options to address your particular situation.

Patient testimonial of upper and lower blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelid lift).

Botox Treatments for Men

Although men in general tend to be less concerned about expression lines around the eyes than women, there can be a point where enough is enough. Deep creases between the brows and in the crow’s feet area can sometimes make a man look tired or angry and lead to misperceptions of his mood. Skillful use of BOTOX® or other neuromodulators can relax muscles and smooth out these lines, while allowing a man to retain natural facial expressions. Our skillful team follows Dr. Cook’s naturalistic approach to all aesthetic treatments so that you retain your natural identity.

Sometimes, the position of the brow has changed so that it overhangs the upper eyelid. Dr. Cook and his team can use BOTOX® to reduce the strength of muscles that pull the brow downward, so that a more open brow position is restored. For more significant brow descent. Other areas BOTOX® can treat include the two lines that can form between the brows, known as the 11’s, that develop over time with the facial expression of furrowed brows. Another less commonly know use for BOTOX® is the treatment of hyperhydrosis, or excessive sweating. This can be particularly life-changing for men who experience excessive sweating in the armpits or hands.

botox for men | crow's feet

Botox before and after treatment for crow’s feet lines.

botox for men | forehead lines

Botox before and after treatment for forehead lines.

Meet John Q. Cook, M.D.

The Whole Beauty® Institute team is directed by Dr. John Q. Cook, a recognized leader in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Every team member has extensive experience and shares Dr. Cook’s passion for natural results. We form a bond of trust with our extended patient family.
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Skincare Products Unique to Men’s Needs

Skin that has been damaged by the sun, stress, and time loses the vital and healthy appearance that was present in your early 20s. There is nothing attractive about rough, dull skin with red and brown splotches. The Whole Beauty® Institute offers a wide range of sophisticated aesthetic treatments and tools to address the aspects of damaged skin.

The foundation of all good medical grade skin care is proper protection from damage that comes from the sun, as well as computer screens, and other external factors. We offer a range sophisticated mineral-based sunblocks that are light-weight and non-greasy to protect the skin from damage and repair oxidative stress.

The next step is a selection of medical grade products from our complete skincare collection. We tailor our recommendations to the needs and concerns of our busy male patients. Less than five minutes in the morning and evening are all you need for the products we will recommend.

Our aesthetics team can supplement the benefits of medical products with in-office aesthetic treatments in Chicago and Winnetka, including Hydrafacial®, dermaplaning, and peels targeted to specific skin conditions.

Refreshing a Vital Appearance with Aesthetic Treatments

Our portfolio of sophisticated energy devices enables us to restore and rejuventate a wide range concerns. BBL (broadband light) is the most advanced form of broadband light. BBL targets and treats areas of brown and red spots on the face, hands, neck, and chest. BBL HERO is a newer varaition of BBL with increased speed and power that can be used all year round. Scientific studies have shown that regular broadband light aesthetic treatments actually restore the youthful regenerative mechanism to the skin.

Our hybrid fractionated lasers, HALO and MOXI, provide powerful rejuvenation to skin texture including fine lines and surface damage with a limited down time.

For men with a loss of skin tone, Morpheus and Morpheus Body devices use radiofrequency energy to tone and tighten the skin on the face and body. After a down time of one to three days, you can return to normal activity.

We also can use other approaches to refresh the texture, tone, and contour of the face including aesthetic treatments like Erbium laser treatments, TCA peels, facial filler, and medical grade facials.

All of the aesthetic treatments we have just explored are only tools. Consistent excellent results occur when these aesthetic treatments are delivered by skilled, deep-knowledge clinicians who truly care about your well-being. Dr. Cook and our providers will work closley with you to address your concerns and develop a customized treatment plan to help you obtain your goals.

Optimal Outcomes in Aesthetic Surgical Procedures for Men

rhinoplasty before and after

Rhinoplasty before and after. Performed by Dr. John Q. Cook.

gynecomastia before and after

Before and after of gynecomastia surgery to remove excess breast tissue. Procedure performed by Dr. John Q. Cook.

Why Do Discerning Men Choose Dr. John Cook and the Whole Beauty® Institute for Their Surgeries and Aesthetic Treatments?

Dr. John Q. Cook has developed a deep knowledge of plastic surgery and medical aesthetic treatments over a 30-year period. The knowledge he has gained benefits all of his patients, women and men alike.

Unlike many medispas, which lack expert physician guidance and oversight, patient care and safety is an integral part of Dr. Cook’s practice.

Dr. Cook and his team have a passionate commitment to medical excellence and service to patients as trusted advisors to guide them through their surgical or non-surgical experience and achieve desired outcomes.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. John Q. Cook to discuss your unique concerns and view our complete portfolio of before and after images of procedures and treatments for men.


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