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Hydrate the Skin from within with SKINVIVE, a new microdroplet injectable by Juvéderm

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Restore and Improve the Smoothness of Your Skin’s Appearance and Texture with Hydrating SKINVIVE

SKINVIVE is a new microdroplet injectable by Juvéderm that hydrates the skin from within with a modified hyaluronic acid gel formula that includes essential elements such as glycerol and AQP3. Rather than traditional dermal fillers that are injected to add volume to facial features, this innovative formula is uniquely able to hydrate various layers of the skin of the face and help the skin retain its natural moisture – a key component to maintaining and improving the smoothness of the skin.

SKINVIVE is ideal for patients whose skin concerns include acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, crepiness, and laxity.

The combination of the ingredients in SKINVIVE – hyaluronic acid, AQP3, and glycerol – work together to reverse the appearance of aging skin, sun damage, rough texture, and more.

*50 out of 87 patients treated with SKINVIVE had their fine lines to the mid improve as early as 1 month with improvement lasting 6 months.

What is a SKINVIVE treatment like? How long does it take?

SKINVIVE is a relatively quick injection. The treated area will be cleansed, and a topical numbing agent will be applied for ease and comfort. Each injection may feel like a slight pinch but is typically well tolerated. The length of the appointment will depend on which features or areas of the face are being treated, but sessions are generally completed within a relatively short amount of time – quicker than a standard lunch break.

Is there downtime after a SKINVIVE treatment? How soon will I see results?

Expect some swelling and tenderness in the area at first. The swelling may make the skin appear overly full initially, but the true scope of the results from a SKINVIVE treatment will become apparent in a matter of four weeks with a six-month duration. We take steps to minimize the possibility of bruising after injections, but since it is a possibility, we recommend that our patients schedule filler injections on a day that does not precede an important social or business engagement.

Why should I care about hydration for my skin?

Hydration has long been known as an essential part of overall healthy skin.  But why is hydration so crucial to skin health? Here are a few reasons:

Moisture Retention

Well-hydrated skin retains moisture better, which helps maintain its elasticity and suppleness. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Barrier Function

Adequate hydration supports the skin’s barrier function, which acts as a defense against environmental aggressors, pollutants, and pathogens. A strong barrier helps prevent irritation, inflammation, and infections.

Regulation of Oil Production

Dehydrated skin might overcompensate by producing more oil, leading to breakouts and an imbalanced complexion. Proper hydration can help regulate the skin’s natural oil production.

Cellular Function

Skin cells require water to function optimally. Hydration supports cell turnover, allowing for the shedding of dead skin cells and promoting the growth of new, healthy ones.

Improved Texture

Hydrated skin tends to have a smoother texture and a more radiant appearance. It feels softer and looks plumper.

Maintaining proper hydration involves both internal and external factors. Drinking enough water is vital for overall hydration as well as using moisturizers and skincare products containing hydrating ingredients (like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or AQP3) can also significantly benefit the skin’s moisture levels.

WBR3 and WBR3 Plus by John Q. Cook, M.D. are two products from our Whole Beauty Skincare Collection that contain all 3 of these essential ingredients. These products are available for purchase at our practice or on our shop at SkinShopMD.com

What is AQP3 and why is it important?

Aquaporins are proteins that facilitate the transport of water across cell membranes. AQP3, specifically, plays a crucial role in maintaining cell hydration by enabling the movement of water.

Here are a few reasons why AQP3 is important in cell hydration:

Water Transport

AQP3 is primarily found in the cell membranes of various tissues, including the skin. It allows the movement of water molecules, ensuring cells receive an adequate supply of water.

Skin Hydration

In the skin, AQP3 contributes significantly to the hydration and elasticity of the outermost layer, the epidermis. This helps maintain skin hydration levels, which is crucial for skin health, barrier function, and wound healing.

Cellular Homeostasis

Proper hydration is essential for maintaining cellular homeostasis. AQP3 contributes to regulating the water content within cells, which is crucial for various cellular functions.

What about glycerol, how does this help my skin?

Glycerol plays a significant role in dermal repair. It’s a humectant, which means it attracts moisture from the environment and then in return retains hydration in the skin.

Moisture Retention

Glycerol helps to maintain the skin’s hydration levels by drawing water into the outer layer of the skin, known as the stratum corneum. This hydration is vital for the skin’s repair process as it supports skin barrier function and prevents excessive dryness.

Skin Barrier Repair

When the skin is damaged due to various factors such as wounds, cuts, or environmental stressors, maintaining moisture levels is crucial for the repair process. Glycerol aids in restoring the skin barrier by keeping the damaged area moist, which promotes cell regeneration and healing.

Enhanced Penetration

Glycerol can also enhance the penetration of other beneficial ingredients into the skin, such as vitamins and antioxidants, facilitating their effectiveness in promoting dermal repair.

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