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Cellulaze® is an FDA approved therapy that provides permanent cellulite reduction with a single treatment. Many of the women who come to me as patients are very athletic. They exercise 5 to 6 days a week, do Yoga, eat a Mediterranean diet, and yet when it comes to cellulite, it is all to no avail. Cellulite is an irregularity of the skin and the fat just beneath it, most commonly in the back of the thigh, the buttock, and the outer thigh, but sometimes in other areas.

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Three Significant Advances In Breast Reconstruction

In the last decade the most common method of breast reconstruction has been the placement of a tissue expander at the time of mastectomy. This is known as immediate reconstruction. After the general surgeon completes the mastectomy, the plastic surgeon places a tissue expander underneath the pectoral muscle and the fascia beyond the bottom edge of the muscle.

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Volume Is The Key To A Natural Face Lift

When patients come to see me for a facelift consultation one of their biggest concerns is that the result will somehow appear unnatural or over-pulled. I tell these patients that I am equally concerned with these issues. Unnatural face lifts tend to stand out in a crowd while natural ones tend to blend in seamlessly. What then is the key to achieving a natural facelift?

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Dermaplaning | Deep Exfoliation

The Whole Beauty Institute® offers a quick and noninvasive exfoliating treatment that removes inactive or dead skin cells. The treatment is known as dermaplaning. This helps new cells regenerate and come to the surface and removes the vellus hairs that create debris and oil, which can clog pores. It is a safe and simple procedure that is done in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

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