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Reduce Fat Under The Chin Without Surgery

Many men and women would like to see a reduction in the fullness underneath the chin. For many people a structured program of diet and exercise will accomplish this quite nicely.

For others this stubborn fat refuses to respond despite daily visits to the gym and a carefully balanced diet.

These people can benefit from a non-surgical treatment with Kybella®, a substance recently approved by the FDA.

Kybella® Naturally Occurs In The Human Body

Kybella® is the commercial name for Deoxycholic Acid, a substance that helps the body break down fat during digestion.  This fat-disrupting tendency has been recognized for many years.

Deoxycholic Acid Has Been Used for Years to Melt Fat

Deoxycholic acid has been used for years in Europe as one of the key components of mesotherapy.  In mesotherapy, clinicians inject deoxycholic acid and other ingredients under the skin to remove unwanted fat deposits.  Dr. Cook investigated mesotherapy in Paris approximately 10 years ago, but the lack of a standardized formula or consistent results made him reluctant to use this in his patients.

Kybella’s Effectiveness In Melting Chin Fat Has Been Demonstrated In Clinical Trials

In clinical trials involving over 2500 patients 68% experienced a reduction in the thickness of the layer of fat under the chin.

Who Will Benefit the Most from Kybella®?

The ideal patient for Kybella® has a distinct fat deposit under the chin with reasonably good skin tone and deep muscle tone of the neck.  One advantage of coming to the Whole Beauty® Institute for Kybella® evaluation is Dr. Cook’s extensive experience with neck rejuvenation in all its forms.  During your consultation Dr. Cook will perform a detailed evaluation of the neck and outline for you the best treatment available.

How Does It Feel to be Treated with Kybella®?

Since we apply a numbing cream before the actual treatments, most patients experience only a mild degree of discomfort during Kybella® therapy.  After treatment patients will experience a sense of tightness when moving the neck up and down and side to side as well a moderate degree of swelling in the treated area, which decreases over several days.

Dr. John Q. Cook and the Whole Beauty® Institute Offer A Complete Portfolio of Neck Treatments

Neck Jaw Border Lift – before and after

Neck Jaw Border Lift – before and after

Kybella® fits well into the portfolio of neck treatments offered at our Whole Beauty® Institute locations in Chicago and Winnetka.  We offer targeted neck therapy with our Neck Renew skin care product.  We make use of advanced combination therapy to correct uneven pigmentation, diminish fine lines, and improve tone of the neck skin.  Kybella® offers the possibility of non-invasive reduction of unwanted neck fat.  For those patients who require more powerful solutions we provide liposuction, neck lifts, and neck lifting as a component of full facial rejuvenation surgery.

With our extensive experience in all forms of neck therapy out team is able to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your neck and guide you to optimum therapy.

Schedule a consultation at our Chicago and Winnetka offices or call 312-751-2112.