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Laser Hair Removal to Reduce Unwanted Body Hair In Chicago and Winnetka

Dr. John Q. Cook oversees and closely monitors laser hair removal at the Chicago and Winnetka-based Whole Beauty® Institute to maximize both safety and results. The intense pulsed light-based treatment involves several sessions designed to reduce hair growth where it isn’t wanted on the body.

The Whole Beauty® Institute team is highly trained in the advanced technology that makes laser hair removal possible. Though the IPL device is sophisticated, the experience level of the clinician can make a difference in both patient comfort and long-term results.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Every hair on the human head, face, and body grows from a small “cup” in the skin called a follicle. Damaging a follicle can prevent it from properly growing new hairs in the future.

Laser hair removal involves positioning a device to emit controlled flashes of light over the treatment area. Hair-filled follicles that hold pigment darker than the surrounding skin absorb this intense visible energy, converting it to heat. Once the follicle reaches a sufficient temperature, it is disabled. No new hair will grow for a significant amount of time, and hairs that do eventually grow are typically finer and lighter in color, making them harder to see.

The light-absorbing process crucial to successful laser hair removal works only on follicles that are in what is known as the “anagen” or growth phase. A significant portion of the follicles in a given area—about 85 percent—should be in this phase at the same time, leaving another 15 percent in a transition phase (catagen), resting phase (telogen), or shedding phase (exogen), when an old hair falls out prior to a new one emerging.

At Whole Beauty® Institute, we recommend six to 10 laser hair removal treatments at our Chicago and Winnetka offices in order to catch the maximum number of follicles in their active phase. The sessions should be spaced four to six weeks apart.

What Are the Results of Laser Hair Removal?

In the days and weeks following laser hair removal, you will notice some temporary redness, similar to a sunburn, in the treated area. The hairs there will eventually fall out, leaving behind smooth skin without the side effects common to plucking, waxing, and shaving, including ingrown hairs.

Talk to the Whole Beauty® Institute team about what to expect in terms of duration for a good idea of what to expect. Every person is different, but laser hair removal typically generates long-lasting results.

Other Uses for Light in the Chicago and Winnetka Areas

The light energy that drives laser hair removal treatments is also ideal for reducing the appearance of facial blemishes and redness, stimulating collagen production to smooth out fine lines, and more. Consider Halo® fractional laser, erbium laser skin resurfacing, and IPL and BBL photorejuvenation for your face and other body areas, as well as laser vein treatments.

The effects of many laser and light treatments can complement the results of other nonsurgical treatments—and even plastic surgery procedures.

Ready for laser hair removal? Chicago and Winnetka’s Whole Beauty® Institute offers consultations. Arrange yours by calling 312-751-2112, or send a message online for more information.

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