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The Summer is coming to a close, as Chicagoans know all too well, and a windy season is on its way. As your skin adjusts to the changes in weather, irritations such as razor burn can become more problematic than usual. Other weather-related skin irritations can include cracked skin, rashes and uneven skin tone. It is safe to say these are undesirable skin conditions to deal with throughout the Fall, and Winter.

One way to easily solve the razor burn dilemma and keep your skin smooth throughout the year is to invest in laser hair removal (LHR). While it is a convenient way to reduce hair permanently, it also reduces skin irritation, ingrown hairs, razor burn and other conditions caused by waxing and shaving.

If you are looking for a long-lasting hair removal solution that also happens to rejuvenate your skin, LHR may be the treatment for you.

What is LHR like?

LHR employs light-based energy to remove hair in the targeted area from the root. The procedure is typically quick and patients report only mild discomfort throughout the treatment period.

Laser technology is much more successful and long-lasting than waxing, sugaring or shaving because the hair follicle is removed from deep in its root. Side effects may include one to two days of irritation. This usually shows up like a sunburn and can be treated with cold compresses.

How many sessions does it take?

The number of LHR treatments required to permanently reduce hair growth in a particular region varies from patient to patient, and from area to area. Those with thicker hair may need 6-8 treatments for best results, while patients with fine hair in favorable areas may be able to prevent growth after 4-6 procedures.

Considering safety and proper treatment of your skin, you should wait 6 weeks between appointments to ensure you do not inflict too much damage on your body. Further, waiting this time will give our clinicians time to asses the speed and texture of the new hair growth.

Is LHR right for me?

LHR is safe for many skin types, because the energy used can be adjusted based on your skin tone, hair thickness and skin sensitivity. However, it is important to note that where you choose to have your procedure does matter. Choosing an inexperienced practitioner may result in hyperpigmentation, scarring and skin damage that can be permanent. These complications are especially important for patients with darker skin tones, as uneven pigmentation is more noticeable the darker your natural tone. However, with a trusted practitioner, LHR can be a quality treatment for many patients.

When you choose the Whole Beauty® Institute and Dr. Cook for your procedure, you can be sure you will receive quality results and care throughout your time with us.


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