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Restore a balanced and soft look to your appearance with injectable facial relaxants.

Why Choose The Whole Beauty® Institute For All Your Non-Surgical & Medical Aesthetic Needs.


Dr. Cook and his team are well-known for their sophisticated applications of Botox®, Dysport® and other relaxants.


Dr. Cook’s experience with Botox® began before it was available for aesthetic applications in the United States. He studied with international luminaries who pioneered advanced techniques in the face.


Our clinical approach to relaxants is based on an individualized analysis of your unique pattern of facial expression.


Botox® and other relaxants are only tools. We provide value from our sophisticated analysis, technique, and an approach that is rooted in our philosophy of naturalism.

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See the difference experience makes. Scroll through before and afters in the photo carousel of Botox® patients treated by Dr. Cook and his team.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

Restore a Balanced and Soft Look to Your Appearance at Chicago and Winnetka’s Whole Beauty® Institute

When it comes to BOTOX® Cosmetic at our Chicago and Winnetka centers, we believe that all patients benefit from our diligent attention to detail. Because of the way BOTOX® interacts with the active facial muscles to smooth out dynamic wrinkles, a successful treatment requires in-depth knowledge of anatomy and precise technique. Dr. John Q. Cook has a sophisticated approach to BOTOX® that involves a detailed analysis of each person’s pattern of facial expression. He leads a team of experienced injectors at Whole Beauty® Institute, including two nurses who are national trainers for Allergan, maker of BOTOX® Cosmetic.

Finding the right injector is key, because BOTOX® is safe, but powerful. A skilled and certified provider will focus on minimizing risk and maximizing the cosmetic benefits for each person.

9 Questions You Should Ask Before a BOTOX® Treatment

How many patients have you treated with relaxants in this practice?

This is an important indicator of an injector’s experience—as well as the skill level available at the practice in general. If you desire a nuanced and artistic result, it is important that the person treating you has considerable experience, ideally backed by years of proper diagnosis and treatment. There is a distinct learning curve to BOTOX®, so the more patients who have been treated by a specific injector, the better. Therefore, it’s best to go to a practice that has experience with at least several hundred treatments.

How did you learn about the anatomy of the muscles in this area?

Do not settle for a vague answer to this question. A precise understanding of the intricate anatomy of the muscles in the face or other treatment areas is essential for getting the proper response from the injection. BOTOX® therapy should be highly specific and precise. There is a significant variety in facial expression patterns in different people. Injectors who lack the necessary knowledge can over-treat an area, leading to an unnatural look or other undesirable results.

What is the exact setting where BOTOX® will be administered?

Overall, it is unwise to settle for anything less than a physician’s office when it comes to BOTOX® injections. Unfortunately, there are situations where BOTOX® is administered in very inappropriate settings, from hotel conference rooms to beauty salons. There are important issues of cleanliness and safety here. Also, remember that alcoholic beverages and BOTOX® Cosmetic can be a dangerous mix. Herding a group of people into a “BOTOX® party” compromises individualized and nuanced therapy.

In addition, BOTOX® and other injectable relaxants, although very safe, can occasionally produce reactions that must be treated in an appropriate time and manner. If proper lighting and equipment are not available, a minor problem could turn into something quite serious.

How will you balance my brow?

If your potential injector doesn’t understand this question, it probably means you are not speaking to someone who understands BOTOX® therapy. A common mistake made by less-than-ideal injectors is to introduce BOTOX® into forehead frown lines without understanding the competing muscle groups. This can cause an undesirable settling of the brow. The forehead creases may be softened, but the downward position of the brow can give the patient an angry or downright strange expression—creating an all new cosmetic problem.

Will all of my wrinkles go away?

This is admittedly a bit of a trick question, but it provides a good indication of the level of experience and truthfulness of your potential injector. In general, it is impossible (and perhaps not even desirable) to remove every trace of an expression crease. Any reliable and reputable injector should clearly communicate such realistic expectations.

What is your goal in treating this area?

In almost every field of human activity, people who can clearly articulate their goals will get a better result than those who can’t. At Whole Beauty® Institute, we suggest that if your injectors are not able to explain what they are trying to accomplish with BOTOX®, you should seek someone with a greater level of knowledge and finesse.

What do you think looks good in terms of results? What is your artistic concept?

This is perhaps the key question that should be asked by anyone considering any non-surgical treatment or plastic surgery procedure. Each person’s concept of beauty is subjective. Perhaps the injector about to treat you has a concept of ideal aesthetics that is very different from your own. It is better to define these terms and come to an agreement in advance, so that you can avoid disappointment resulting from miscommunication and differing expectations.

Are you truly interested in me as a patient or merely as a source of revenue?

This is, of course, not a question you should directly ask your injector. The answer will be revealed to you in how you are treated by your specific provider and the practice’s team in general. We strongly suggest that if you find yourself in a facility where the staff does not pay attention to your medical history and general health, you should not seek treatment. If you are not asked questions about medications, medical allergies, your general level of health, and your goals for the treatment, you are subjecting yourself to individuals who do not care much about your wellbeing.

What Is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is a relaxant used to reduce activity in muscles or glands, used for many years in both medical and cosmetic settings. This remarkable substance works by interrupting the message that tells frown muscles to contract or sweat glands to produce fluid. Specifically, it hinders the connection between nerves and muscles and prevents the transmission of messages. Treatment consists of precise micro-injections along the path of the overactive muscles or in other areas of concern.

Be aware that many providers say they offer BOTOX® injections, but not all of them actually do. Always ask an injector whether the product being used is BOTOX® brand— and never buy an injectable muscle relaxant online. Counterfeit BOTOX® is available from countries such as China, but these products are unreliable and can produce serious complications. BOTOX® has unique dosing standards and training sessions that do not translate to other injectable options.

Whole Beauty Institute

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What Does BOTOX® Treat?

Overactive muscles in the facial region can cause deep furrows or “frown lines” to develop and give the face an angry or distressed look. Repeated and prolonged contraction of these muscles pulls the inner brows downward and can set the facial attitude into a permanent frown. Patients with these habits of expression often complain that friends and co-workers ask them why they are always “angry” or “tired.”

Excess facial muscle contractions may also contribute to a sense of heaviness in the region by the end of the day. This over-activity may even trigger tension or migraine headaches.

Our team’s approach to BOTOX® emphasizes the concept of dynamic facial balance. The position and activity of key zones of facial expression (such as the inner and outer brows and the corner of the mouth) depend on an intricate balance between muscles that elevate these zones and muscles that depress them. The balance can be altered by the aging process as well as habits of expression. Each individual will have his or her own pattern. Simple “cookie cutter” patterns of BOTOX® injections found in many medspas often result in a bizarre or frozen appearance because they do not account for each person’s unique expressive signature. Every clinician at the Whole Beauty® Institute provides individualized BOTOX® therapy.

For some patients, surgery may represent the best solution to the problem, but many of our patients have achieved a wonderful softening of the facial attitude with BOTOX®, which is FDA approved for smoothing out horizontal forehead lines, frown lines (11s) between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet at the outer corner of the eyes, as well as for curbing excessive sweat in the underarm area.

In addition to these most popular treatments, our team has extensive experience with advanced applications of the relaxant. Vertical neck bands can be softened, the posture of the corner of the mouth can be adjusted, over-activity of the masseter muscle can be reduced, the gummy smile can be corrected, and over-activity of the chin pad muscles can be adjusted. We also combine BOTOX® with dilute hyaluronic filler in a microinjection process that improves the quality of the skin.

Practically all patients are able to resume work and social interaction as soon as their injection sessions are over.

Most of our patients return every three to six months for additional treatments, since the relaxing result of BOTOX® Cosmetic fades over time. The effect has usually only partially worn off when these sessions are scheduled, but most people prefer to seek retreatment before muscle function is completely restored. This helps patients to “unlearn” their habits of facial expression.

Part of the success of relaxant therapy comes from this retraining of facial habits. It is also our impression that the muscles treated by BOTOX® Cosmetic grow weaker over time when a patient undergoes several injections. In our opinion, the main reason for this is that the muscles are used less, so they become smaller. This is similar to the difference between the arm muscles when an individual works out regularly at a gym versus the smaller, less toned muscles visible once a person gets out of the habit of routine exercise.

Note that the ultimate goal of any BOTOX® treatment is not the complete elimination of facial expressions. This looks weird! Instead, the aim is to soften and retrain patterns of facial expressions. Overdone BOTOX® looks no better than overdone facial surgery.

Correct a Gummy Smile with BOTOX®

The “gummy smile,” is due to an excessive amount of gum tissue visible above the top row of teeth especially while smiling. Botox can correct the appearance of a “gummy smile” by softening the hyperactive muscles in this area.

gummy smile before and after
Before and after correction of a gummy smile with Botox®.

Alleviate Symptoms of Temporalmandibular Joint Syndrome with BOTOX® and Enjoy Aesthetic Benefits

Temporalmandibular joint syndrome or TMJ causes tightness and discomfort in the jaw and jawline region because of the masseter muscle. Symptoms may include tension headaches and teeth grinding. Successfully treating this muscle with neuromodulators such as Botox Cosmetics can help alleviate these symptoms. Aesthetic benefits include less round or square shaped face and a more contoured jawline.

masseter treatment before and after

Before and after of masseter muscle treatment with Botox®.

Complements and Alternatives to BOTOX® Cosmetic in the Chicago, Winnetka, and Hinsdale Areas

Every Whole Beauty® Institute patient deserves her or his own plan, developed to deliver personalized results. While BOTOX® Cosmetic is a remarkably versatile cosmetic treatment, it is not the only option available to women and men who want to give their face a more youthful look.

Dysport® and Xeomin® are relaxant injectables that use the same active ingredients as BOTOX® to achieve similar results, but with subtly different benefits in terms of the timeline of taking effect, spread, duration, and more.

BOTOX® works well when the goal is to soften dynamic expressions that are the result of muscle activity (frown lines between the brows, crow’s feet, etc.), but it is not the solution for every wrinkle and crease on the face. There are creases that develop in the face due to the sagging of facial structures from the aging process, weight loss, and sun damage. A good example is the deepening of nasolabial folds with age. Creases such as these are best addressed by the addition of volume (dermal fillers or fat transfer) or via surgical and non-surgical techniques that restore the structures to their ideal natural position.

Fine wrinkles and surface lines respond well to treatment with the Halo® hybrid fractional laser, chemical peels, micro-channeling, and other techniques in the Whole Beauty® portfolio

The best results often come from combined therapy. For example, if you have a long history of habitual expressions, you may have significant “memory creases” that remain visible even when the muscles are at rest. They do sometimes soften over time, especially after several injections, but they can also be treated more effectively with other techniques.

A variety of treatment options exists for critical zones where signs of aging typically appear, such as around the eyes, and the person who evaluates you should have a sufficient knowledge base and experience to be able to address all available treatment options. Relaxants, helpful as they are, can be misapplied, and this will only lead to disappointment. On the other hand, the proper selection of BOTOX® Cosmetic from the portfolio of treatment options has provided a wonderful benefit for many patients.

Whole Beauty Institute

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