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Winter is a time when most people give little thought to laser hair removal treatments. The reasoning behind this is quite logical: when you’re covered head to toe in warm clothing hair removal may not necessarily top the list of priorities. Therefore, you may not see the point of shaving or waxing when your skin isn’t exposed, and even enjoy the break!

However, winter is an ideal time to take advantage of laser hair removal treatments. While shaving and waxing are at an all-time low, Dr. Cook often recommends laser hair removal during the winter months because you have a lesser chance of showing off your skin. Skin that is not tanned will have the best response to laser and light-based hair removal technologies.  Also it is important to protect your skin from the sun between hair reduction treatments. Permanent hair reduction is a relatively lengthy process that takes weeks to achieve. Depending on your skin type, and the consistency and density of your hair, you will require a number of treatments to remove the desired amount of unwanted body hair.

Additionally, the healing process in between treatment sessions requires restricted sun exposure. Although UV ray exposure is still a concern during the winter, you have a better chance of protecting your skin while you’re all bundled up, making laser hair removal more effective.

Laser Hair Removal at The Whole Beauty® Institute

Winter Laser Hair RemovalDr. Cook uses an advanced light-based platform for hair reduction procedures. The system destroys hair follicles by emitting highly-controlled flashes of light that the pigment within the follicle absorbs. This causes destruction of the cells which contribute to hair formation, but doesn’t harm other cells. Dr. Cook usually recommends between six and ten procedures separated by four to six weeks.

It requires time for the laser light to effectively reduce unwanted body hair. Hair follicles need to be in a particular growth phase for treatment to be effective. Several treatments are necessary because different hairs are in different phases of their growth cycles.  At The Whole Beauty® Institute, we arrange your schedule of treatments to help you achieve optimum results. Finally, you will be able to throw away the razors and wax strips once and for all!

Opting to eliminate unwanted hair during the winter provides a better chance of obtaining optimal results and gives you the necessary time frame needed to complete your treatment without any apprehension. Of course, you can choose to receive laser hair removal during the spring and summer months and achieve your desired outcome as long as you use adequate sun protection.

It may be cold, but come spring, your legs will be ready for shorts and dresses. Rather than undergo laser hair removal during a time when you are showing off your legs already, seek it in the winter when exposing your skin isn’t necessary.

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