Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Beth Harris RN brings her skills to the Whole Beauty® Institute

Beth Harris RN a leading Nurse Specialist has recently joined the team at the Whole Beauty® Institute, where she will work in the Winnetka office. Beth is widely respected for her in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with fillers such as Voluma®, Juvederm® and Restylane® and relaxants such as Botox®. She has worked with leading practices in Beverly Hills and the Chicago metropolitan area.

Beth is one of only three ACE certified injectable trainers in Illinois.

She is recognized for her sophisticated pairing of facial fillers, which restore a pleasing facial form, and relaxants, which rebalance the facial muscles.

Beth has a naturalistic and highly personalized approach to her patients which align well with Dr. Cook’s visual aesthetic.

To learn more about Beth or to schedule and appointment contact us.