The skin is the largest organ in the body. It comprises about 15% of the body weight. Roughly 50% of the Hyaluronic Acid in our body is found in the skin.

HA and Collagen are vital to maintaining the skin’s layers and structure. Collagen gives the skin its firmness and the HA nourishes and hydrates the collagen.

Think of the collagen in your skin as a rubber band. If you stretch the rubber band a thousand times in a dry environment, it will become overstretched, dry out, and probably break. This is similar to what happens to the collagen in our skin as the moisture level (hydration) decreases. Remember that our skin loses hyaluronic acid and hence moisture every decade past the 20’s.

Returning to our rubber band, imagine stretching it a thousand times under water. It is much less likely to stretch out and break than in a dry environment. Think of the hyaluronic acid in your skin as the water that keeps the collagen in your skin moist and elastic. This is exactly what happens, since hyaluronic acid attracts many times its own weight in water. It is one of the keys to maintaining moist, elastic and supple skin.

Young skin is smooth and elastic because of the high levels of HA in the skin, which keeps the skin healthy. As we age, the body losses the ability to maintain this concentration. With decreasing levels the skin does not have the ability to hold water. The skin then becomes drier and does not have the ability to retain moisture as it did when it was younger. The Hyaluronic Acid acts as a space filler by binding to water and thus keeping the skin wrinkle-free.

Many of the products and treatments used in anti-aging regimens, although highly beneficial, deplete our natural moisture barrier and compromise HA levels. The Whole Beauty® Institute Hydrating Peptide Serum is carefully formulated to restore your skin’s hyaluronic acid and enhance hydration. It is one of the key components of our home regimens and is extremely popular with our patients.

You can further restore your skin’s hydration with the Enhanced HA Oxygen Facials performed by our team at the Whole Beauty® Institute.

The combination of Hydrating Peptide Serum at home and Enhanced Oxygen Facials at our Institutes in Chicago and Winnetka will help to optimize your skin’s hydration and moisture barrier. This combination will help to stimulate and nourish your natural collagen.

Good skin hydration, frequently ignored in various anti-aging treatments, is an integral part of the therapies that we provide at the Whole Beauty® Institute.

Hydrating Peptide Serum by Whole Beauty Institute

Hydrating Peptide Serum by Whole Beauty@ Institute delivers HA to the skin.

Skincare Product/Treatment and Function Information

Peptide – Building Block Of Skin
AHA-BHA – Exfoliation Agent
Retinol – Collagen Building
Lightening Agents – Even Skin Tone
Antioxidant – Neutralize And Balance
IPL – Photo Damage, Facial Vessels, Dull Saggy Skin
Fractional – Tone, Texture, Laxticity, Density, Thickness