We have recently added the Smartlipo® laser liposuction technology to the array of services available to our patients at the Whole Beauty® Institute. This makes our practice one of the few in the country to offer our patients a selection of both Smartlipo® and Slimlipo®, the two leading technologies for laser liposuction.

Advantages of Laser Liposuction with SmartLipo® and SlimLipo®

One advantage of laser liposuction is that for most patients it can be performed under local anesthesia in the office. Over the past two years we have refined our technique to where the majority of our patients who undergo this procedure experience minimal discomfort. They often compare the experience to that of someone undergoing a minor dental procedure.

The most significant advantage, in my opinion, is the degree of tightening that accompanies the removal of fat. I have performed thousands of liposuction procedures with other techniques without seeing the same degree of tightening of the treated areas. This is particularly beneficial in the neck, arms, and lower abdomen. As a practical consequence, the recovery is quicker and patients can return to full activity in a shorter period of time.

SlimLipo Whole Beauty Institute

SlimLipo | Male, Front View, Before After

SlimLipo Whole Beauty Institute

SlimLipo | Male, Side View, Before After

We Offer Our Patients The Most Advanced Portfolio to Reduce Cellulite, Tighten Skin, and Reduce Deposits of Fat

We now offer our patients the most advanced portfolio to address issues of body contour. In addition to Smartlipo® and Slimlipo® for laser lipoplasty, patients at the Whole Beauty® Institute benefit from a number of breakthrough technologies.

Cellulaze® is the first FDA approved technology that permanently reduces the appearance of cellulite in problem zones, particularly the back of the thighs and sides of the thighs. With proper patient selection we are achieving a 95% success rate in these areas. We have studied our results and find that the three predictors of success are reasonably tight skin, and intermediate degree of cellulite, and a highly experienced surgeon,

An Expanded Array of Non-Surgical Therapies That Harness Highly Focused Energy

The Invasix® platform had dramatically expanded our options for non-surgical treatment of loose skin in the face and other body areas, facial lines and wrinkles, and limited areas of excess fat. The technology is a unique application of radiofrequency energy that allows for much tighter control than with previous methods. As a practical measure, this allows for a greater degree of predictability of result and greater patient comfort.

It is our belief that the Invasix® technology offers the most advanced method to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles in the face and around the lips, and to diminish unwanted areas of fat without surgery.

Fractora Firm at Whole Beauty Institute

Fractora Firm | Before After

Fractora Firm at Whole Beauty Institute

Fractora Firm | Before After


Skill Is More Important Than Technology

A few years ago I became aware of the Pareto Principle and have found it to be applicable to a wide variety of circumstances, both in business and in personal life. Simply put the rule suggests that 80% of the good in our lives comes from 20% of our activities and that 80% of the negativity in our lives comes from 20% of our interactions. If you focus on the good 20 and try as much as reasonably possible to eliminate the bad 20, your life will be much better. For an interesting discussion of these principles, read “The Four Hour Work Week,” a book that despite it’s flaws contains many interesting insights.

With new technologies there is sometimes a tendency to commoditize the treatment. In other words there is the assumption that the technology determines the outcome. To this I respond with Cook’s Law, or the 90/10 principle. With any new technology, 90% of the benefit comes from the skill of the person providing the treatment and 10% from the technology itself. Please bear this in mind when considering a new procedure.