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Cellulaze® is the first FDA-approved therapy that in a single treatment leads to a permanent reduction in cellulite.





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Cellulaze® – an FDA Approved Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Cellulaze® Offers Real Cellulite Reducing Results

In the videos below, Cellulaze® patients describe their treatment experience.

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Hi, I just had the Cellulaze treatment performed by Dr. Cook at the Whole Beauty Institute. I’ve tried many things, just as I’m sure many of you who are thinking about this have tried as well. And I learned about Cellulaze, which is the first FDA approved treatment. In a single treatment to remove the appearance of cellulite. And I was really excited about what the potential was with the treatment. So I got more information from Dr. Cook explained everything, was very understanding and he took his time. The procedure that I decided to go ahead and do was very painless, ver easy. The staff treated me wonderfully. I went home, I woke up the next day. I had some soreness on the back of my legs. No more than from a heavy exercise. Afterward, I had to wear a compression garment for two weeks. As of right now, I love the way it looks. My legs are beautiful and smooth. I think it’s worth it.

We are pleased to offer our patients Cellulaze®, the first FDA-approved therapy that in a single treatment leads to a permanent reduction in cellulite.  In our Chicago and Winnetka offices under local anesthesia we treat zones of irregularity on the outer thighs, backs of the thighs, buttocks area, and front of the thighs.  Most patients can return to work and normal activity in one to three days. Until now there has not been a treatment that will permanently reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Cellulite is a condition in which the skin surface is lumpy and irregular, most commonly in the outer thighs, the back of the thighs, the buttocks, and the front of the thighs.  It is surprisingly common, occurring in 70 to 80 percent of women, and it has nothing to do with being overweight.  In fact, it can even occur in trim, highly athletic women.

Many women who have this condition are self-conscious about it, to the point where they are uncomfortable wearing swimsuits, shorts, and skirts that come above the knee. For this reason a wide range of products and treatments exist for cellulite, including various lotions, rolling pins with vacuum pressure, and a bewildering variety of other gadgets.  Some of these help a little if you stay with the treatments on a weekly basis, but all fail to offer any sort of permanent reduction.

About 2 years ago I became aware that clinical trials were underway for a new form of cellulite therapy that might offer more than a temporary fix.  This caught my attention, since so many of my patients over the years had asked me to help reduce the lumpiness and irregularity present on their legs, and I was always frustrated to have to tell them that nothing really works over the long term.

With FDA approval of the Cellulaze® technology in 2012, the hope for a treatment that offers a permanent reduction of cellulite becomes a reality.  It is important to put this treatment in proper perspective.  It is not a magic wand that will make cellulite completely disappear.  It is, however, a treatment that can offer many patients a permanent 30 to 60% reduction in the appearance of cellulite with a single treatment.  For many patients, this is the difference between feeling comfortable and not feeling comfortable in a bathing suit.

The Cellulze® therapy is carried out in our Chicago and Winnetka offices under a local anesthetic.  A typical treatment requires one and a half to two hours.  Recovery is easy, and most patients can return to normal work, mild exercise and social activity within 2 to 3 days.

The Cellulaze® Treatment Experience

During the initial consultation we will map out a detailed treatment plan for you. We will determine, first of all whether you will benefit sufficiently from the treatment to make it a worthwhile investment.  Assuming this is the case we will map the areas that will be treated and determine the number of treatment sessions that will be necessary.  At that point you will be scheduled for treatment.

On the day of treatment you will eat a normal breakfast.  When you arrive at the office you will be given an antibiotic and medication that makes you calm and a little drowsy.  Your zones of cellulite will be precisely mapped and marked on the skin in the preliminary room.  Next you will move to the treatment room where the areas of treatment will be numbed.  After appropriate time has passed the treatment begins with a very specific application of laser energy to melt raised areas of fat, release bands that cause dimples, and treat the undersurface of the skin. At the end of treatment the area is rolled in a manner similar to a massage.

You will then be fitted with a girdle, which you will wear for the first 2 to 3 weeks after treatment.  We often put extra pads under the girdle to apply compression to the treated area for the first few days. Because of the medication we have given you, you will need to have a friend or family member drive you home from your treatment.  If it is difficult for you to find someone to do this, we can also arrange for transportation.

Recovery from Cellulaze® Therapy

Because the treatment is done under local anesthesia the recovery from treatment is quite easy.  You can return immediately to light activity and it is good to walk as long as this is not carried to extremes.  Most patients return to their normal light activities one to three days after treatment.  You will have to avoid certain type of heavy exercise for a relatively short period after treatment.  We will advise you specifically as to how to integrate Cellulaze® therapy into your specific exercise program when you see us in consultation.

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