Long-Term Reduction of Cellulite with Cellulaze® Technology

The recent approval by the FDA of the Cellulaze® technology offers a new direction in the treatment of this common disorder.  By some estimates up to 80% of women are affected by cellulite, a surface irregularity present most commonly in the backs and sides of the thighs, but also the front of the thighs and the buttocks.

Many people who read this blog have tried a variety of lotions and gadgets in hope of reducing the appearance of cellulite, but they have discovered that results, if any, disappear quickly.

Cellulaze® offers something quite different, a long-lasting response to a single treatment.  The studies that led to FDA approval of this technology showed maintenance of results one year after treatment, and the developers of the technique are finding continued improvement at 3 years.

The reason for this success is that the Cellulaze® process directly attacks the three main causes of cellulite: overgrown pillows of fat under the skin that cause bumps, tethering bands of tissue that cause dimples, and a thinning of the skin that makes this irregularity more visible.

The procedure does not offer the complete elimination of cellulite, but for most area there will be a 30 to 60% reduction in the appearance of cellulite with a single treatment.  For many patients this offers the possibility of freeing them to wear a wider variety of clothing and swimwear.

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