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Microchanneling with Dermapen® Technology
Rejuvenates Skin, Reduces Fine Lines, Improves Scars, and Decreases Stretch Marks

The Dermapen® is a device that creates tiny channels in the skin that has two beneficial effects. The channels themselves stimulate the healing response and also provide us with a way to pass surface treatments to the deeper layers of the skin.

One way to think of this technology is that it represents a middle ground between our Fractora® resurfacing technology, which produces a more powerful result and the custom surface treatments at the Whole Beauty® Institute, which represent the gentlest approach to the skin.

How The Dermapen® Microchanneling Process Allows Us to Get Past The Skin’s Barrier

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Skin Layers: Epidermis, Dermis, Hypodermis

The skin is remarkably effective in keeping things on the outside of our bodies from getting inside our bodies. This is good for our survival, but frustrates those of us who would like to deliver beneficial substances to the deeper layer of the skin.

With microchanneling there is a brief period where tiny channels are opened in the skin, through which we can pass helpful treatments. Some of these treatments can help the body to remodel scar tissue, diminish pigmentation, and restore a youthful thickness to the skin.

With Microchanneling at the Whole Beauty® Institute You Can Quickly Return to Normal Activity

The treated area will appear red for the first 24 hours. After that you can apply makeup. This lack of significant downtime is one of the great appeals of the treatment. Patients typically undergo treatment every 3 to 4 weeks for a series of 4 to 6 treatments. After that patients return for refresher treatments at much longer intervals.

Our advanced team at the Whole Beauty® Institute is able to combine other treatments with Dermapen® therapy in order to obtain enhanced results. These more powerful treatments have a slightly longer recovery period; most patients can apply makeup after 48 hours.

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Our Skilled Team Delivers the Highest Level of Service

Dermapen is a technical improvement of a treatment method that Dr. Cook first utilized over 10 years ago. The comfort and ease of the treatments make them available to a much wider range of patients. As with any treatment method the quality of results depends upon the method itself but also on the knowledge and skill of the person carrying out the treatment.

Our patients are pleased by the results of Dermapen® treatment for a variety of conditions. They have experienced a decrease in fine lines, improvement in overall skin quality, diminished pore size, reduction of acne scarring, diminishment of stretch marks, and improvement in areas of excess pigment.

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