The Whole Beauty Institute® offers a quick and noninvasive exfoliating treatment that removes inactive or dead skin cells. The treatment is known as dermaplaning. This helps new cells regenerate and come to the surface and removes the vellus hairs that create debris and oil, which can clog pores. It is a safe and simple procedure that is done in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Because dermaplaning is a fairly quick procedure there is no downtime. This is a great procedure for patients with sensitive skin or for women who are nursing or pregnant as there are no chemicals in the treatment. Patients who have rough, dry or hyperpigmented skin have dermaplaning treatments as often as every two weeks to keep the skin smooth and “glowing”.

To maximize results our clinical estheticians will combine dermaplaning with other noninvasive treatments such as Enhanced Oxygen Facials, IPL PhotoFacials and deep penetrating chemical peels. We also have an extensive line of skin care products designed to protect and treat the new cells that are regenerating.

Please give our offices a call at our Gold Coast, Chicago location (312)751-2112 or North Shore, Winnetka (847)446-7562 to schedule your consultation to see how dermaplaning would benefit you.