WBR3™  Advanced Skin Restoration from the Whole Beauty® Institute

An all-in-one product that addresses the 3R’s of beautiful skin.

WBR3™ addresses in a gentle way three important aspects of skin rejuvenation.

This product is designed to restore the skin’s protective barrier, replenish water content, and rejuvenate structure in a formulation that works well even for people with sensitive skin.

Fix the Escalator that Brings Water to the Skin’s Surface

The beautiful look of youthful skin is partly related to its water content. Just like a plant, if the skin has plenty of water, if looks full and fresh. If it is deprived of water, it becomes dry and thin.

There is an ingenious mechanism in our skin that transports water from the depth of the skin to its surface layers. Aquaporin 3 is a protein that can be thought of as an escalator that helps to move water toward the outer layer of the skin. With sun damage and the aging process the amount of this protein diminishes.

Acetyl hexapeptide-37, one of the key ingredients of WBR3™, helps to promote Aquaporin 3 in the skin. Scientific studies have shown that treatment of the skin with acetyl hexapeptide will increase the skin’s water content by 131% after 8 hours.

As more water moves to the surface of your skin it will appear fresher, fuller, and more youthful.

Restore the Skin’s Protective Barrier that Keeps In Water

Your skin has a natural lipid barrier on the surface that protects you from the external environment and keeps water from evaporating from the skin.

As we age this barrier becomes less effective. Not only does older skin have less water, but it loses its water more easily. Many skin products make uses of petrolatum, a product derived from oil, or glycerin in order to replace the skin’s protective barrier. Although these products do diminish water loss, they do so in an inelegant way, somewhat like wrapping your skin in saran wrap.

WBR3™ restores the protective barrier of the skin in a way that mimics the natural lipid barrier that is present in youthful skin. It does so by incorporating a Swiss-made formulation of lipids (natural fatty substances) that are similar to those found in the skin’s natural layer of protection.

Many medical aesthetics treatments that help to stimulate collagen formation in the deeper layer of the skin do so at the cost of weakening the skins’s natural barrier.  This is true of retin-A and other retinoid products as well as certain skin peels. WBR3™ can help to replenish the skin’s natural barrier and reduce dryness and irritation in patients who undergo these treatments.


Rejuvenate the Skin’s Structure without the Harshness of Retinoids

Vitamin A derivatives, known as retinoids, help to restore a youthful structure
 to the skin. This has been shown in scientific studies for several decades. Some retinoid formulations are gentler than others.

Many patients have skin that is sensitive to retinoids. They try a compound such as Retin A but become disenchanted when their skin becomes red and dry.

For patients with sensitive skin WBR3™ provides a gentle but significant rejuvenation without the harshness of retinoids.

Our formulation of Vitamin C protects the skin from reactive oxidative stress and is an important factor in collagen synthesis. Vitamin E is another anti-oxidant.  Ferulic is a plant-based antioxidant that helps to stabilize Vitamin C.

WBR3™ also contains peptides that promote the formation of collagen and elastin – key elements of the structure of youthful, healthy skin.

WBR3™ is the Perfect Answer for Retinoid-Sensitive Skin

Although retinoids have a proven track record in skin rejuvenation, there are people whose skin is too sensitive to tolerate them. The benefits of retinoids are offset by the redness, dryness, and flaking that occurs in retinoid-sensitive skin.

For retinoid-sensitive individuals WBR3™ is close to the perfect solution. Here is a product that gently rejuvenates the skin and helps to diminish sensitivity by restoring the protective lipid barrier on the skin’s surface and replenishing the skin’s water content.


WBR3™ Is a Perfect Complement to Retinoid Therapy

For patients who are able to use retinoids WBR3 can offset the tendency for retinoid-treated skin to be red and somewhat dry. An excellent strategy is to use a retinoid based product on alternating evenings with WBR3. Our expert team will design a custom skin rejuvenation program that meets your needs.

WBR3™ The Simple Path to Beautiful Skin

Many of us lead busy lives, and don’t have the time for complex skin care regimens.  For these people WBR3™ is the perfect product. It can be thought of as the closest thing yet to universal skin rejuvenation, a product that works well for virtually all skin types.

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