Skin Tightening Without Surgery Now
A Realistic Possibility (within limits)

In the last several years there have been several technologies that have been introduced to tighten the skin without surgery. I have carefully investigated all of these technologies and up until now have been disappointed with them. The reason for my disappointment has been either that the results are inconsistent or that they are too uncomfortable for the average patient to tolerate.


It All Comes Down to Precision

Recent developments in radiofrequency technologies have allowed a more precise application of energy to heat the skin without taking it to levels that are uncomfortable or even potentially harmful. We have developed a technique of non-surgical skin tightening that produces consistent benefits in various zones of the face and neck as well as in other body areas. We utilize the Fractora Firm technology as the platform for our treatment methods. This technology has only recently become available in the United States.


It Will Not Replace Surgical Lifting

Before-After Surgical Lifting

Before and After, Surgical Lifting

If you have very significant structural settling or looseness of the cheek jaw border and neck this technology will not equal the results of a face or neck lift. Under these circumstances you will probably be better off if you undergo a surgical lifting. Many patients are put off by the idea of undergoing a facelift because of the perception that it is a procedure that requires general anaesthesia. I am happy to report that the majority of our facelift surgeries are not done under general anaesthesia. We accomplish the lifting either under intravenous sedation or improperly selected patients under local anaesthesia in the office setting.



In my experience there are three distinct groups of patients who can benefit from this new non-surgical approach to face lifting.

Before-After Fractora Firm

Before and After, Fractora Firm

The most common group is what might be referred to as pre-facelift patients. These are people, perhaps in their late 30’s or their 40’s, who have noticed a change in the tone of their face especially along the jaw border and cheek where there is a degree of settling but not severe looseness.

There is a second group of patients who have significant structural settling but may have medical or personal reasons why they cannot or do not want to undergo a facelift. For these patients the nonsurgical tightening procedure can be a significant benefit as long as they’re not expecting as powerful result as could be obtained with a surgical lift.

A third group of patients would be those individuals who have undergone a facelift in the past and have noted some settling but not to the point where a true surgical lift is necessary. For these patients the tightening that we can obtain with radio frequency can often bring the structures back into a very pleasing position. This may be combined with other “refresher” procedures that we offer, such as fat transfer, which helps to maintain facial volume.

Non-Surgical Tightening Works in Other Body Areas

One pleasing discovery has been that this useful technology can apply can be applied to areas other than the face and neck. We have been particularly pleased by the results of this technology in the upper abdomen; the area above the knees, and in certain cases the arms. The technology works the best if the area of looseness is mild to moderate and not severe.

We Often Combine Non-Surgical Lifting with Other Treatments to Optimize Rejuvenation

Injectible fillers such as Sculptra, Radiesse, Restylane, and Belotero each have their specific uses in our practice. These fillers can be used to soften expression lines and to restore volume to areas of the face that have become hollow. Relaxants such as Botox®, Dysport®, and Xeomin® can soften the motion of overactive muscles in the face. We use these treatments along with other techniques available at the Whole Beauty® Institute in combination with non-surgical lifting as part of a comprehensive treatment program that is customized to each individual.