Enhanced Oxygen Facials have emerged as an extremely popular treatment at the Whole Beauty® Institute. In this pleasant spa-like treatment one of our skilled aesthetics team uses a stream of oxygen to gently push beneficial compounds into the skin.

One of the most useful molecules that we deliver is hyaluronic acid, a key building block of the skin, which gives the skin moisture and resiliency. After our late 20’s the skin’s hyaluronic content suffers a progressive depletion. This is one of the reasons that our skin becomes thinner and less supple as we age.

Enhanced Oxygen Facials are best done as a series of 6 weekly treatments, followed by refresher treatments every 4 to 6 weeks. They are great to put the “finishing touch” on a face lift, but are also extremely popular with our non-surgical patients. Patients note that their skin is fresher, has better tone, and generally looks like it did when they were much younger.

We have noticed a recent trend at the Whole Beauty® Institute. Now that Winter has arrived there are many charity events, parties, and other occasions where a person wants to look his or her best. Many of our loyal patients schedule appointments for Enhanced Oxygen Facials right before one of these events. Often they bring their friends to share the experience. They report back to me that that they receive many compliments about how great their skin looks.

You will find more information about Enhanced Oxygen Facials in the relevant section of our websites and in the blogs on that topic.

If you would like to schedule an Enhanced Oxygen Facial as a series or before an event our team will be happy to arrange an appointment. Please note that on days of major events there is significant demand for our treatments, so we encourage you to book your appointment well in advance.