Hand Rejuvenation at the Whole Beauty® Institute

Our hands are vehicles of creativity and personal expression.

Artists, musicians, and other creative individuals are often photographed so that the hands play an important role in their portraits.

There may come a time when our hands do not reflect our inner sense of vitality and purpose.

We Protect Our Faces but not Our Hands

Most of my patients are aware of the importance of protecting the face from the sun and are generally quite good about applying sun protection as a daily routine.  The same cannot be said for the hands.

The hands are very active in sports and other outdoor activities. Even if sun block is applied early in the day, it must be reapplied several times. Many sun protection products are slippery, which makes them unsuitable for the hands. The end result is neglect.

The Terrible Three of Hand Aging

There are three components to hand aging – each must be corrected for true rejuvenation.

Hand Study, Edgar Degas

Hand Study, Edgar Degas

The skin of the hands becomes thin with the aging process and sun damage. This reveals the underlying structures.

From sun damage and environmental stress the surface of the hands becomes discolored. Often brown patches disrupt what was once a beautiful evenly colored surface.

The surface texture and tone of the hands changes from smooth and supple to rough and brittle.

The Whole Beauty® Institute Hand Renew Program

We Address Each Component of the Terrible Three

We will restore volume to your hands with a careful selection from our portfolio. We can use your own fat or we can use an injectable filler that is placed in a manner that minimizes bruising. You will benefit from the extensive experience of the team at the Whole Beauty® Institute in all aspects of volume restoration.

We will even out the color of the hands with a custom-designed program of light based treatments. These can be integrated with the volume restoration treatment.

We will improve the texture of the skin with a custom selection from our portfolio of skin products and therapies that are well-suited to the skin of the hands.

Hand Rejuvenation Is the Perfect Complement to Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Many of the patients who come to us for facial rejuvenation take advantage of our skill in hand rejuvenation.  This allows the face and hands to complement each other.

Restore, Protect, Maintain

With all of the rejuvenation programs at the Whole Beauty® Institute designed by Dr. John Q. Cook we provide three phases of treatment:

Restore, Protect, Maintain

Restoration consists of the initial treatments that restore fullness, an even color, and a smooth surface to the hands.

Protection consists of a selection of products that shield the hands from the sun while avoiding the slippery texture that makes people not use sunblock.

Maintenance consists of a series of follow through treatments that keep your hands looking beautiful.

Trust the Experts at the Whole Beauty® Institute to Provide You with Optimum Hand Rejuvenation

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