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Voluma® can restore a youthful fullness to the cheek, along the jaw line, and in other areas of the face.





John Q. Cook, M.D.

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Voluma® Returns Your Cheeks to a Pleasing Fullness

If you have noticed that the passage of time has left your face looking hollow Voluma® can be a powerful ally. Voluma® can restore a youthful fullness to the cheek, along the jaw line, and in other areas of the face. It is an injectable filler that is made of hyaluronic acid (HA), a simple sugar molecule that is naturally present in the structure of the skin and many other tissues. This should be reassuring to patients, since HA is the raw material for many other fillers in common use, such as Juvederm®, Restylane®, Perlane®, and Belotero®. Tens of millions of people worldwide have been injected with HA based fillers.

  • What makes Voluma® so special?

    The strands of sugar molecules that make up Voluma® are held together by chemical connections known as cross-linking. The particular type of cross-linking in Voluma® is known as Vycross™.

  • This cross-linking is what gives Voluma® two particular advantages over other HA fillers that have been available in the United States for some time. The first advantage is its relative firmness, which allows it to support the overlying tissue in areas such as the cheek. The second advantage is durability, which means that Voluma® lasts longer than most other hyaluronic injectibiles. This makes it a good choice for re-volumizing areas that have lost their natural fullness due to the loss of facial fat that occurs with the aging process.
  • What will my experience be like when I’m treated with Voluma®?

    Most patients who have been treated with injectable fillers in the past are pleasantly surprised by their experience with the deeper technique of Voluma® injection. We make use of special blunt needles known as cannulas to deliver the filler to its proper location. Because these cannulas are not sharp they are less likely, in our experience, to cause bruising than when patients are treated with regular injection needles. The deeper tissues have a lower density of nerve endings than the skin, so there is generally less discomfort that with injections closer to the skin level. Voluma® is formulated so that it contains a local anesthetic, which also contributes to the comfort of injection.

  • How We Use Voluma® at the Whole Beauty® Institute

    We have found Voluma® to be most helpful in restoring a pleasing fullness to the cheek, along the chin and jaw border, and in the temples. We often combine a deep injection of Voluma® with a more superficial injection of other thinner HA fillers so that we can provide a 3-dimensional rejuvenation for our patients. Treatment is often combined with relaxants, such as Botox® to soften areas of overactive muscles and other therapies that improve the surface character of the skin.

  • With Over 15 years of Experience with Three Dimensional Facial Volumization We Provide Our Patients with an Advantage

    Dr Cook has extensive experience with facial volumization due to his many years of work with facial fat transfer. Virtually every face lift that Dr Cook has performed in the last 15 yeas has been accompanied by fat transfer to restore volume. Many patients come to Dr. Cook for facial fat transfer as an independent procedure. At this point Dr. Cook has performed over two thousand facial fat transfers. His technique of fat transfer involves the use of blunt cannulas and is the basis for the techniques that our team uses with Voluma® at the Whole Beauty® Institute.

Patients who desire treatment with Voluma® at the Whole Beauty® Institute can visit either our Chicago office, located in the Gold Coast neighborhood, or our North Shore office, located in Winnetka.

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