Is there an advantage to laser lipoplasty?

Laser lipoplasty is the latest technology that surgeons use to remove zones of unwanted body fat. The two main technologies that are used in the United States for laser lipolysis are Smart lipo® by the Cynosure Corporation and Slim lipo® by  the Palomar Corporation. Both of these companies are well established in the field of laser and light energy treatments for medical applications and have good reputations in the industry. The main difference between these two technologies is that they use different wavelengths of light to melt the fat.

Although it is exciting for the patient to feel that she or he is being treated by the very latest technology. It is always reasonable to ask whether this technology offers and a significant benefit over previous technologies

I have worked with all of the different types of lipoplasty including classical liposuction, tumescent liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction, and a laser liposuction. Here is what I think are the main advantages of laser lipoplasty over previous technologies.

First this new technology allows for liposuction to be carried out through very small incisions. This means that the surgeon has greater flexibility in terms of where he or she will make the tiny incisions for lipoplasty and this in turn can lead, in my opinion, to better results.

Second, I have been truly impressed by how specific this technology is for melting fat and as a practical consequence there is much less bleeding with the procedure and less bruising for the patient.  I honestly think that the recovery is faster for patients who undergo this particular technique than previous generations of Whiteco section.

Third this is the first technology I have ever used where I really think that I am seeing a significant tightening of the tissues. This allows us to address areas that I previously attended to avoid, such as the triceps area of the arm and the neck. This beneficial tightening occurs in all body zones that are treated.

A final and very important advantage is that this technique is particularly useful or treatment under local anesthesia in the office. The ability for me to treat my patients in the office offers several significant advantages. First of all the patient is able to avoid the expense of the facility and the anesthesiologist professional please. Even more important the recovery is generally easier for the patient. It is very common that one or two zones is treated by this technique the patient can be back to work and most normal activity within a few days.

Although I think that these advantages are significant and even more important consideration is the experience and training of your surgeon. This is not a procedure that should be carried out by amateurs without appropriate surgical training. When a good technology such as laser lipoplasty finds its way into the wrong hands, the results can be disastrous.  You will avoid potential trouble if you take the time to check that your surgeon has been certified by the American Board of plastic surgery.

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