Earlier this month Dr. Cook spoke at the Global Aesthetics Conference in South Beach Miami. This conference brought together core specialists in the 4 fields related to Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine. These fields include plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, oculoplastic surgery, and aesthetic dermatology. The meeting provides a format where leaders from the different fields can share their insights and ideas in a collaborative way.

Dr. Cook was invited to speak about two areas where he has considerable interest and experience. The first is his technique of carrying out facelifts and other forms of facial rejuvenation surgery under local anesthesia. The second is the technique of structural breast surgery which Dr. Cook has refined and developed over the last 10 years.

Facelift Under Local Anesthesia

Facelift and other facial rejuvenation surgery under local anesthesia is one of the fastest-growing areas in our practice.

Most plastic surgeons are still intimidated by the concept of carrying out this surgery with a local anesthetic technique. Dr. Cook explained why the local anesthesia approach to surgery is a considerable benefit to his patients.

Results of Face Lift under Local Anesthesia

Patients who undergo facial surgery under local anesthesia are able to avoid starvation which accompanies the preparation for surgery under IV sedation or general anesthesia. Local anesthesia surgery is also more physiologic and gentler on the patient and there are very few fluctuations in blood pressure during the operation. Patients also remark to us that they enjoy the fact that they have not had a blackout period such as occurs with other types of anesthesia.

Dr. Cook provided 10 practical points in the lecture that will enable surgeons to feel comfortable with this technique. He had quite a few questions after the procedure which indicated that there is growing interest in this approach to facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Cook with Dr. Renato Saltz Co-Director Global Aesthetics

Structural Breast Surgery

Structural breast surgery is a technique that was originally developed for breast lifting but can be applied to a wide variety of breast surgeries including breast lifting, breast reduction, and revisional breast surgery.

The structural technique of breast lifting addresses 3 key problems that are present with most breast lift techniques. The first problem is that the skin is used to lift the breast. In other words the lift is accomplished by simply trimming the loose skin. This will temporarily bring the breast up into position but the weight of the remaining breast tissue tends to stretch the breast out and lead to further settling. The second problem is related to the scars from the breast surgery. Many of the classical techniques involve scars along the lower inner portion of the breast, which can be visible in swimsuits and other dresses. The third problem is that there is usually a lack of sufficient breast tissue in the upper portion of a breast after a breast lift is accomplished. Because of this many surgeons rely on breast implants to fill out the upper part of the breast.

With the structural technique, natural breast tissue is moved to the upper portion of the breast. This has two benefits. It anchors the breast in a higher position and provides a good foundation for the lift. It also brings a living implant to the upper portion of the breast so that there is a pleasing breast shape. Because the breast is anchored at several different levels the tissues tend to hold themselves in a better position and the result is a better preservation of a pleasing breast form. The incisions that result from the surgery also avoid the critical zone of the lower inner portion of the breast. Dr. Cook has carried out several hundred surgeries with this technique. He was able to share some practical pointers in terms of the steps of the operation which differ considerably from most of the techniques of breast lift, such as the classical technique or the vertical breast lift technique. Judging from the high degree of audience interest in this procedure it appears that there will be an increasing acceptance of this technique as word spreads.

Results of Structural Breast Lift

The Global Aesthetics Conference drew a large number of Surgeons from Central and South America as well as the United States and Europe and even a few surgeons from Asia. We were impressed by the large number of interesting new ideas that came from this meeting, many of which will be of direct benefit to our patients.

Dr. Cook always enjoys Miami because it provides such a great diversity of cultures and languages. There is a growing art scene and the architecture is varied and dynamic. Miami is emerging as a cultural capital. Although the meeting days were long we did enjoy a couple of nice walks by the ocean and some wonderful restaurants in the evening.

One of the core missions of the Whole Beauty® Institute is to remain at the forefront of knowledge across the spectrum of aesthetic plastic surgery and advanced medical aesthetics. By sharing the knowledge that we have developed and learning from colleagues in an international environment we are able to bring the best new ideas to our patients. Every team member of the Whole Beauty® Institute is committed to a process of patient education and always working toward being his or her personal best.

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