Forma™ – Tighten Skin without Surgery (formerly called Fractora Firm)

The idea of tightening skin without surgery has been around for some time, but the achievement of this goal has remained elusive.  I have investigated a number of these tightening technologies in the past few years, but I have not offered them in my practice due to their significant limitations.  For some I couldn’t see a significant difference between the before and after pictures.  For others there appeared to be an effect, but the treatment was so painful that they resembled torture devices.

The Forma technology, which can be used in the face, the neck, and other areas of the body is, in my opinion, a significant advance in the field of non-surgical skin tightening.

How Forma Works

Forma  uses bipolar radiofrequency energy to elevate the temperature of the deeper layer of the skin and produce tightening.  The design of the hand piece allows for precise monitoring of the temperature and a very uniform delivery of energy.  One practical benefit is a more comfortable experience for the patient when compared to other tightening system.

Where Forma Can Help You

Patients experience significant benefits in the face, especially along the jaw border.  The neck is also a favorite area.  This technology also can help to tighten loose skin in the upper abdomen, above the knees, and in other body areas.

What Forma Cannot Do

In the face, Forma can provide a moderate degree of tightening and improve definition along the jaw border and neck.  It is well-suited to patients who have relatively early changes in these area and who are not ready to consider a neck lift or a jaw border lift.

The technology is also helpful for patients with more significant looseness who cannot have a surgical lifting for medical reasons or due to personal preference.  None of the currently available non-invasive tightening technologies with give results as powerful as a surgical lift.

Remember, that for smaller lifts, it is often possible for us to do these under local anesthesia in the office.

To obtain more information about whether Forma is a good choice for you, or to set up an appointment for an evaluation, contact us at or call 312.751.2112.