Breast sagging, otherwise known as breast ptosis, is a common condition that occurs as your breasts begin to droop over time. Just like any other area on your body, the breasts will go through changes as you age. There are several potential causes, including a loss of skin elasticity because of aging, smoking (which is generally known to cause rapid deterioration of beneficial elements in the skin), sun damage, and hormone fluctuations—especially in people who have had multiple pregnancies. Many people who ask our team about breast lift surgery at our Chicago-based practice are unsure about whether a breast lift (also known as mastopexy) or another type of breast surgery such as breast augmentation would be the better choice for them.

The short answer to this question? It all depends on what your goals are.

Although setting up an appointment to talk to Dr. John Q. Cook is the ideal way to determine what is happening with your breasts and what can be done to address the changes, there are several signs that can indicate that you may be a suitable candidate for a lift. 

Your Nipples Point Downward

Take note of the position of your nipples if you’re considering breast surgery. If they point downward or are positioned below the breast crease when your breasts are unsupported because the skin on the lower part of the breasts is stretched out, it’s very likely that you’ll need a breast lift to reposition your breast tissue. 

Your Breasts Have Changed Shape

Patients who have a flattened, elongated, pendulous, or unusual breast shape may also be candidates for a breast lift, because the surgery helps to restore a rounder and fuller-looking shape. Any sagging tissue can be removed or tightened during the surgery. Dr. Cook’s Structural Breast Lift technique allows him to restore volume in the upper portion of the breast using your own natural breast tissue. For many patients, this produces a fuller lifted breast without the need for implants.

Your Breasts Are Asymmetrical

Since a breast lift involves reshaping the breast tissue, it can be beneficial for patients who have asymmetrical breasts or have one breast that falls lower than the other.

Unsure whether you’d be a candidate for breast lift surgery?Plastic surgeon John Q. Cook at the Whole Beauty® Institute is available to help you decide whether this procedure is suitable for you. Call 312-751-2112 (Chicago Gold Coast Office), 847-446-7562 (North Shore (Winnetka) Office), or submit a contact form through our website to request a consultation.