Slimmer Arms with SlimLipo® Laser Lipoplasty

Many patient are self-conscious about the appearance of their upper arms to the point where it limits their choice of clothing during the Summer months.  Over the years I have been frustrated by the lack of good treatment options for this area.  I did not find that classical or ultrasonic liposuction worked well in this area.  For patients with heaviness in the arms who did not want the scars from the brachiolasty operation there wasn’t a good choice.

Slimmer Arms with SlimLipo® laser lipoplasty truly has been a game changer.  This is because the two wavelengths of laser energy that I deliver not only melt the excess fat, but also tighten up the supporting structures of the arm.  Add to this the other advantages of laser lipoplasty, local anesthesia, tiny incisions,  less time in the supportive garment than with other techniques, and quicker return to normal a activity, and it is easy to see why this procedure has become very popular in a short period of time.

We are pleased to offer our patients this state-of-the-art treatment in the comfort and privacy of our Chicago and Winnetka offices.  The treatment takes from one to three hours depending on the extent of the area to be treated.  As with all laser lipoplasties, patients are able to return to normal light activity within a few days of treatment.  It is necessary to wear a supportive arm garment for two to three weeks.

If you desire further information about this breakthrough treatment contact us at or at 312-751-2112. Consultations can be scheduled at the Chicago and Winnetka offices.