By Danielle Hanek, L.A. and John Q. Cook, M.D.

This year in Chicago summer had a late start. Let’s hope that since the warm weather and long days are finally here, they will stay with us for more than the usual time!

In our fair city we appreciate the beauty of summer more than those who live in a Mediterranean climate. We fill the cafes, run or bike along the lakefront, and play in softball, soccer, and volleyball leagues. We know that the beautiful weather won’t last forever.

Sometimes in our enthusiasm we forget to take care of our skin. This is a mistake as it will catch up with us sooner or later. Your friends at the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka have some helpful suggestions that can allow you to enjoy the summer without harming your skin:

Always wear your Sunblock

If your goal is to prevent future brown spots, think SPF, SPF, SPF. Not everyone is aware that you should wear sunblock daily, even on a cloudy day.

Reapply frequently: sunblock wears off, sweats off, and washes off. Apply every 90 minutes.
Apply it generously- load it on!
Apply it evenly- cover every area that might be exposed.
Trusting a high SPF number fives a false sense of protection. It is more important to reapply frequently, no matter what the SPF number.

Limit your exposure to the Sun

Even with diligent application of sunblock, you will not be able to completely avoid sun damage. Whenever possible wear a hat. If you are just relaxing outdoors, do so in the shade as much as possible.

Continue to Exfoliate

As long as you follow precautions during the summer months, you can continue the use of gentle exfoliation. This includes custom peels, peel pads, gentle scrubs, and dermaplaning. These treatments do sensitize the skin, so it is not wise to “cheat” and get a little sun before or after exfoliation. If you have a question, it is better to err on the side of caution. At the Whole Beauty Institute our experienced clinical team will guide you with specific instructions about preparation and aftercare for your treatment.
One great treatment that works well the entire year is the Hydrafacial, which can be customized to your needs.

Continue with Retinol

Vitamin A derivatives such as retinol have years of scientific research behind them and are mainstays in many medical skincare regimens. Retinol products can also soften and fade dark spots that occur with sun damage. You can use them year round as long as you are scrupulous in your sun protection. If you know you will be participating in an activity that involve lots of sun, it is prudent to avoid retinol for several days in advance. Our team will provide specific guidance.

Facial Scrubs can help your Summer Skin

Get on board with facial scrubs. They can help lift discoloration off the skin. A great option from Whole Beauty® is the Radiant Buffing Scrub.

Eat your Antioxidants

Our team recommends that our surgical patients eat antioxidant-containing fruits and vegetables in preparation for surgery and after surgery as well. The same is true for our skincare patients. In fact, everyone can benefit from variants of the Mediterranean diet. Antioxidants boost your skin’s defenses against sunburn and may reduce overall DNA damage.

The Whole Beauty® Team provides comprehensive Rejuvenation

We are committed to looking at the whole patient when we offer premium medical and surgical aesthetics at the Whole Beauty® Institute. We look at your lifestyle and pattern of activity to design as custom skin care program that will suit your individual needs.

Come visit your friends at Whole Beauty® on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago and on the North Shore in Winnetka. Contact us or call 312-751-2112 for an appointment.