Dr. John Q. Cook of the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka is the first plastic surgeon in the Midwest region to work with the BodyTite® technology. This technology is the leading method of minimally-invasive skin tightening in Europe, Canada, and other regions, but only came available in the United States in early 2017. A growing number of patients are taking advantage of this revolutionary technology in our practice and our purpose here is to share what we have learned.

Liposuction has always suffered from one key problem: when fat is removed, skin tone is diminished. This may not be of much importance for a woman in her 20’s, who has tight skin, since the skin will tighten up perfectly well over any area where the fat has been removed; it becomes more of an issue the older you get, or the more your skin has suffered the effects of weight fluctuation.

A partial solution is laser liposuction. SlimLipo® and SmartLipo®, in the hands of accomplished surgeons, can achieve a certain tightening mostly due to a shrinkage of the bands of tissue that run between the fascia over the deep muscles and the skin. BodyTite® and its facial cousin, FaceTite®, work by achieving a direct tightening of the skin.

Here are things you should know about this revolutionary technology:

1. BodyTite® is a minimally-invasive treatment that reduces fat and tightens skin.

It is possible to use BodyTite® both to reduce excess fat in a given area and to tighten the skin that overlies it. It is also possible to combine BodyTite® with other methods of fat reduction, including classical liposuction, Vaser® liposuction, and laser liposuction.

2. BodyTite® has been used extensively in Europe and in other parts of the world.

Just because BodyTite® is new to the United States doesn’t mean there is a lack of experience behind it. A large number doctors have used this technology in other countries with great success.

3. In some parts of the world, BodyTite® has replaced other forms of liposuction.

The radio-frequency energy that is behind BodyTie® is quite effective in melting fat. Some doctors choose to use this as the only method to reduce fat in their patients.

4. For most people, BodyTite® can be carried out under local anesthesia

Our patients appreciate that this is a procedure that lends itself to local. This means that you can eat a light meal before surgery and that you will not have the “hangover” that occurs after a general anesthetic or even IV sedation.

5. Within a few days of your treatment, you will return to your normal pattern of light activity.

Most of our patients are pleasantly surprised about how quickly they can return to work, social activity, and normal light exercise such as walking. We recommend that our patients wear a stretchy garment for 2 to 3 week. This can be hidden easily under clothing.

6. Studies have shown skin tightening in the range of 30 to 40% tightening of the skin after single treatment

A growing number of patients and surgeons are sharing the results of this remarkable treatment.

7. There is a limit to just how much skin tightening can be achieved with BodyTite®

Good as it is, BodyTite® is not magic. If a patient has very significant looseness of the abdomen or other body area, the answer is a surgical removal of the excess skin.

8. The Results can be supercharged with external radio-frequency treatment and with massage.

Specialized massage techniques, such as manual lymphatic drainage can help reduce early swelling. External radio-frequency technique such as Forma®, can further enhance the tightening that we achieve.

9. BodyTite® is one of many treatments available for Body Contour

At the Whole Beauty® Institute we offer a complete range of skin-tightening and fat-reduction technologies. We offer non-invasive treatments, such as Evolve and Forma®, which involve a simple office visit and no restrictions afterward. BodyTite® offers a greater degree of body tightening, and the procedure can be done through tiny nicks in the skin. For patients with very significant looseness, procedures such as abdominoplasty can be very helpful.

10. BodyTite® has an excellent safety profile

The equipment monitors in real time 3 separate variables: internal temperature, external temperature, and impedance. If any of these reach an excessive level, the energy automatically shuts down. This built-in system of protection makes it difficult to apply too much energy.

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