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Bipolar radio-frequency provides non-invasive skin tightening.





John Q. Cook, M.D.

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Forma – Facial Skin Tightening without Surgery

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Tighten and Lift Your Skin with Forma™

Forma is the unique form of skin tightening that makes use of bipolar radiofrequency energy. It opens a new era of non-invasive skin tightening for our patients at the Whole Beauty® Institute. We are enthusiastic about the arrival of Forma because the results are consistent, and the treatment process is reasonably comfortable.

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What are the benefits of Forma?

Patients who undergo Forma therapy experience a tightening of the treated area, which provides a lift to loose skin.

Is the treatment a substitute for a facelift or a neck lift?

Forma is a breakthrough therapy, but it can only provide a limited lift. If you have significant laxity of the cheek, jaw border, and neck area and want the most powerful result surgical rejuvenation is the best solution.

Who are the best candidates for this treatment in the facial area?

Patients who previously underwent a face lift who are experiencing a relaxation of the lifted tissues but not to a degree where a repeat facelift is necessary. Forma facial treatment is most successful in three specific circumstances: 1) Patients with early looseness of their skin who are not yet ready for a face lift. 2) Patients who would best benefit from a face lift, but who cannot do so for personal or medical reasons. 3) These patients are usually quite happy with the results if their expectations are realistic.

Is it possible to have a Forma treatment if I have a tan?

It is possible to treat patients with tanned skin, but this increases the discomfort of the treatment. You will enjoy the experience much more if you are not actively tanning.

Is Forma available for all skin types?

Forma can be used for all skin types. There may be increased discomfort when the technology is used for patients with darker complexions.

Can Forma benefit areas of the body other than the face and neck?

Forma Plus™ is a variation of the technology that can be used throughout the body. Zones that respond well to Forma Plus™ include the upper chest, the area above the knees, the arms, the upper abdomen, and the back. The technology is being applied to an increasing variety of body areas. As with all surgical and non-surgical therapies that we offer, patient selection is the key to obtaining consistent results.

Can I apply make up immediately after the procedure?

For most patients it is possible to apply makeup immediately after treatment.

How will I look after treatment?

There will be redness, which typically fades quite quickly. Some patient with reactive skin will experience a longer period of redness and even some mild swelling. In the facial area any redness can be camouflaged with makeup.

What are the advantages of coming to the Whole Beauty® Institute for Forma treatments?

Effective treatment is achieved by a combination of first-rate technology and a highly-experience skilled clinician. This combination allows the technology to achieve its maximum potential. Our judgment and clinical experience provide our patients with a significant advantage.

At the Whole Beauty® Institute we frequently combine Forma with a wide range of surgical and non-surgical therapies. One popular combination is 8 Forma treatments and 3 Fractora treatments. This will tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles and improve the overall quality of the skin.