Facial Fat Transfer Restores The Beautiful Curves Of Youth

Once you reach a certain age, it is interesting to revisit the college or high school year book. There is a wonderful softness to the energetic and eager faces that look out at you from these pages.  This is not just the result of photographic technique.  As the years pass, most people lose significant fat in the upper cheek, particularly if they exercise and keep themselves trim. In a somewhat cruel irony, the better the body looks, the more tired the face looks!

One of the reasons why some facelifts look “overdone” is that the surgeon pulls too tight in an attempt to compensate for a loss of volume in the upper cheek or along the jaw border.  The real answer is to restore the missing volume and the best choice is often the extra fat that may reside in certain areas of the body.

Over a decade ago I was inspired by the innovative work of pioneers in the field of facial fat transfer and began to apply these techniques to my own patients.  Almost every face lift that I do includes an element of fat transfer.  We also carry out many fat transfers in our offices in Chicago and Winneka under local anesthesia.  Since the procedure is carried out through tiny nicks in the skin, the recovery tends to be relatively quick and easy.

If when you look in the mirror, you feel your face looks gaunt or hollow around the eyes, the fat transfer procedure may offer you a wonderful benefit.