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Face Lift Surgery Procedures

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All About Face Lifts

*Individual patient results may differ.

A Wide Range of Surgical Solutions

The facial aging process proceeds in ways that are generally predictable but that offer considerable variation from one person to the next. There are some people in whom the facial aging process is concentrated in one area, while there are other people in whom the aging process occurs with uniformity in all regions of the face and neck. Dr. Cook has also seen that in many people there is one key zone that is the focus of their attention, while other areas are of much less concern. Fortunately Dr. Cook has a wide range of techniques that can be tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

*Individual patient results may differ.

Restore the Intrinsic Beauty of your Face

*Individual patient results may differ.

Full Face and Neck Lift

When there is significant loss of tone in the major zones of the cheek, the jaw border, and the neck the best solution is often a full face and neck lift.  Dr. Cook’s technique emphasizes a vertical correction of the deeper structures and a rebalancing of the facial volume to correct the hollowness that often occurs in key regions, such as the upper cheek and the supporting zones around the lips.  The key is to avoid the distortion that so often occurs with face lifting techniques that tend to pull aggressively out to the side.  The length of the incisions in front of and in back of the ear will vary with each patient’s individual anatomy.  Dr. Cook respects the complexity of the ear and hairline and his techniques are designed to minimize distortion of these structures.

Temporal Lift

In select patients the key zone of concern is a settled upper cheek, which gives hollowness to the area immediately beneath the lower eyelid.  There may also be a mild to moderate loss of definition along the mid cheek but the persistence of good definition in the neck.  For a patient with these changes, the temporal face lift is often a good choice.  Dr. Cook gains access through incisions that follow the curve of the upper ear and sideburn or are hidden along the temporal hairline.  The power of this technique is enhanced when it is combined with volume rebalancing of the upper cheek with the fat transfer technique.

Facial Volume Rebalancing with Autologous Fat Transfer

Dr. Cook’s extensive experience with this technique is explored in detail in the facial volume balancing section of this website.  For many patients the loss of deep structural volume due to the natural atrophy of fat in key zones of the face leads to a hollow or gaunt appearance that cannot be corrected by lifting alone.  Dr. Cook frequently combines fat transfer with his varied face lift and neck lift techniques of face and neck lifting in order to obtain the most natural results.  Fat transfer is also a wonderful “booster” technique that can restore balance to the face several years after a lift has been performed.  Often this can be accomplished as a simple procedure in the office under local anesthesia.

Eyelid and Browlift Surgery

Many patients choose to combine surgery of the eyelids and brow region with the various face lift and neck lift procedures that are part of Dr. Cook’s repertoire.  These options will be explored in detail during your consultation at our Chicago or Winnetka offices.  Please visit the eyelid surgery and brow lift section for more detailed information.