An increasing percentage of our patients choose from our portfolio of limited incision surgeries for facial rejuvenation.  These surgeries include customized face lifts, cheek lifts, jaw border lifts, and neck lifts, as well as certain types of brow lifts and eyelid surgery.  They can be carried out under local anesthesia in the comfort and privacy of the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka.

Limited incision face lifts and neck lifts are sometimes referred to as short scar face and neck lifts.  These procedures are most effective in patients who have experienced a moderate but not a severe loss of tone in the cheek, along the jaw border, or in the neck. Through relatively short incisions I am able to reach the deep structures that have settled and restore them to a position of harmony and proper tone. Any extra skin that results from the advancement of the deep structures can be trimmed when the short incision is closed.

A variety of patients benefit from limited incision face lifts, neck lifts, and other forms of facial rejuvenation surgery.  Younger patients in their mid thirties to mid fifties who have experienced a mild to moderate degree of settling in the upper cheek, jaw border, and neck regions are often ideally suited to minimal incision procedures.  There are also patients with a greater degree of structural settling of the cheek, neck, and jaw border regions who desire a partial degree of correction, so that they do not appear “too different” after the surgery.

The relative simplicity and ease from the patient’s perspective are advantages of limited incision or short scar face lifts, neck lifts and jaw border lifts.  Since the incision is shorter and the amount of undermining is limited, there is less swelling and bruising than in more extensive procedures.  This translates into a shorter recovery period.  The local anesthetic that is placed at the time of surgery provides for a comfortable early recovery and many patients report that they require very little in the way of pain medication after the surgery.  There is also a significant cost advantage, since the fees for the surgicenter and anesthesiologist are avoided.

An in-depth evaluation at the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka will help to determine whether a limited incision face lift, neck lift, or jaw border lift is a good choice for you.